Review: Jolida JD-302b Tube amp

Category: Amplifiers

Music I used for this review:
Alice in chains Unplugged
Patty Griffin 1000 Kisses
Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions Revisited

The most important aspects of sound for me are Soundstage and PRAT. The worst thing a system could do to turn me off is destroy the soundstage.

This component replaced an Audio Space 3i Integrated Amplifier.

The overall sound of the Jolida 302b is very musical to me, making me want to buy and listen to more CD's. As far as noticeable weakness were not noted by me at this price point.

If money was no object I'd still find a place for this amp as isn't leaving my house anytime soon.

This review comes after using the product for 8 months or so. Reason being I recently acquired new speakers from GR-Research, replacing my Triangle Cometes, and fell in love with the amp. With my Cometes I thought the amp had some short comings but it turned be my old speakers. The speakers were really limiting the amp dynamically and made it sound like it was running out of headroom. Now with the NEO-2X the amp had plenty of headroom allowing for more of the amps dynamics to come through. As for the soundstage through the midrange really opened up allowing you to close your eyes and walk right into. I really can't comment on the bass as I use a subwoofer and haven't taken much notice. I bought this unit fully modified by HRAM and had the biasing resistor changed to allow kT88 and 6550 tubes to be used. I ended up using all Electro Harmonix tubes for this amp swapping out the stock EL34's for 6550, it really opened up the sound. I found the 6550 to be more linear then the El34. Plus with the upgraded tubes this amp boogies (PRAT).

The guys at were a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended for offering a great product at a great price.

Associated gear
JAS Musik 1.2 Modified
GR Research NEO-2x
MIT Z-Stabilizer
MJ Acoustics 100MKII
Acoustic Zen cables ( Hologram II, WOW, El Nino, Tsunami)

Similar products
Audio Space 3i
I like your choice of music! Patty and CJR are on the top of my list as well, though I find that the stridencies in Patty's voice at the high end can be both a challenge for some components and distracting at times. Still, love her music and have seen her many times in concert. 1000 Kisses is a GREAT album!

I also had a 302B for about a year and enjoyed it thoroughly. That was many years ago. It was my transition away from SS amps and it sold me on the strength and natural sound of tubes. Mine was not modified so could not compare notes as it were, but damn fine little amp even as a stock unit. I've since moved on dabbling in tubes and SS over many years and have stuck with my 300B SET amps for many years now. It's great when you find something that works for you. Congrats!
I just want to chime in on the theme. I have a 302B that has been underulilized (read this as boxed) for the last few years. It is coming out again now that I have a regular place to set it up once more. I bought mine fully modded and have rolled a whole series of tubes through it.

What works for me in tubes are a matched set of Svetlana El34s along with some Mullards at the front end. This makes the soundstage spread and go deep.

Musical is a wonderful adjective to put against this unit. It is. I have found that it will show differences in tubes AND interconnects easily. This makes for distinction and the ability to pick the best combination.

I drive a pair of JMR Trentes perched atop the JMR Magic Stands with JMR cable to them. The interconnects roll in and out depending on mood I suppose. Still -- the music -- especially ANY female vocal is astounding.

Nice to read someone else's take on the little amp that can.
Follow-on to the two-year old post immediately above. I finally got to a permanent abode. Things are hooked up again and the final tweaks to the system are going on. I had my 302B modded by Underwood HiFi -- full mods and what a difference -- so what I say about it is from a modded perspective. Anyway -- here are the "tricks" I have learned with this little beauty.
It is rather tube and bias sensitive. Recommended range for bias is between 34 and 44 mV (note not mA). Never more than 44 though. I run mine currently at 38 -- trial and error with the tubes I use and the result is amazing musicality -- especially on vocals. Present setup in tubes I have are a matched set of Svetlana EL34s -- I also run in some JJ Tesla Blues occasionally, but the Svets give so much to the midrange it is hard to turn down. Mullards (real Mullards) are in the 12AX7 positions and Siemens in the 12AT7 positions. I used some NOS Sylvanias before the Mullards and found that the amp got very, very BRIGHT with these. The Mullards also opened the space around the music a bit as well. The higher the bias -- the more likely you are to wander into the bright zone BTW. This little jewel is wonderful -- budget priced and very much the apple of my eye. Just roll the tubes in you wish and feel free to experiment with tubes and bias. The right combo for you will be found. Again -- just amazing little giant companion if not giant-killer.