Review: Jolida JD-1701 Tube amp

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This is one of the most overlooked amplifiers on the market. Why, I do not know? For me, its use has been nothing short of a revelation and, over time, it has become the foundation of my entire audio system.

One could search high and low and not find a better amplifier at any cost. I know this because I have done just that in trying to find suitable amplification to drive my Magnepan MG-1s (to my liking).

The 1701a has been the only amplifier to display all the virtues that I desire: Warmth, detail, depth, and bass (great bass). However, these virtues alone do not make a great amplifier unless they can be portrayed in a convincing manner; and they are.

Being a tube-o-phile at heart, I have used an Jolida 502A, as well as various other all-tube amplifiers, for a number of years to drive several different pairs of Magneplanars, but felt there was always something missing.

What I found through using the 1701a is that is has the uncanny ability to make music come alive, giving it a sense of space and weight, unlike the other amplifiers I tried. The slight amount of compression I experienced when using the 502A was completely gone. Music just ebbed and flowed through the 1701A, in an effortless manner, never sounding restricted or veiled.

There is a perfect balance between tone, dynamics, and space, that is hard to describe. It just sounds natural to me. My MG-1s have never sounded better.

Sure, I could have spent more money on an "audiophile' grade amp (been there, done that), but there really was no need since Jolida made this one so special.

It has all the warmth of of tubes that I desire, but with a healthy dose of bass not found in their (and a number of other) all-tube, integraded amp designs.

I cannot recommend this amp enough. It has literally changed the way I listen to music, and view audio equipment as a whole. Everything is there with this amplifier, and at a cost that will leave your head spinning.

Audition the 1701a, especially if you own smaller Magneplanars, from the MG-12s on down. You will be amazed.

(For the record, the stock Jolida 12AX7 preamp section tubes were replaced with a pair of 1984 NOS JAN/GE 5751 tubes)

Associated gear
California Audio Labs DX-1; Magnepan MG-1; Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables; Siltech "Paris" interconnects.

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You are correct, the 1701a is one of Jolida's "hybrid" integrated amps. The 1701 has been an absolute pleasure to listen too and use. The bass it gives my MG-1s is simply amazing, and all with just its 50 watts per channel. I have never heard the 1501 so I cannot comment. Give the 1701a a try, I think you will be impressed.


Does the hybrid amp have a preamp out to add a sub(Yes,I read your review.)in a room where one might be needed?

The 1701a does not come standard with pre-outs, however, it is a factory option, I think for about $80.00, but check with your local Jolida dealer to be sure.


I just bought the Jolida 1701A and am extremely happy with it. Took about 50 hours to burn in, soundstage & musicality just kicked in at that point. Has the stock tubes & sounds real good, but I'm going to have to experiment with NOS 12ax7's & 5751's. I have an old pair of Paradigm 3se's I was going give away, but this amp has given them new life, synergy or something. Recommend it highly!! Don & BudDog

I just installed a NOS pair of Tungsrams 12AX7s in the 1701. Very nice tubes: Detailed and transparent, yet still retain the warmth that the JANs gave it. I think they deepened my soundstage a bit, too.

Too bad, no phono.
i sell Jolida gear. petery-hedden com. do a google search for jolida bob you will find the site. I was sorry when this amp was discontinued. it is solid, and simple. but the sound is great. clear, smooth, detailed. more bass than all tube designs. and never gets hot. run it for 3 days non-stop and transformer will not be hot. it will beat the sphinx all around the room. we always have open box items on sale. i am glad to know there are so many Jolida customers that are happy. One thing people keep telling me again and again- no listener fatigue. I like their amps with Klipsch speakers- the current model JD301BRC upgraded at Jolida sounds great with La Scala speakers- we sell those too. Listen for hours! Thanks for some many great comments. Bob