Review: Jolida JD-100 CD Player

Category: Digital

I got this player roughly 4 months ago. It replaced a Denon 3800/MSB Gold Link DAC combo I was using. The clarity and detail of this player is amazing. I use Silverline Audio Sonatina II speakers, and VeraStarr ultra reference interconnects, and speaker cable. I especially like Elton John, Madman across the water, and other acoustic/electric music. The soundstage is unbelievable. I compared it to a Rega Planet 2000 I bought, and liked how the Jolida was more open sounding, with slight better detail in the upper frequencies. I don't like when digital equipment gets too harsh sounding on the highs, and the Jolida is very lush and natural. Soundstage and image are most important to me.
The only "weakness" would be the stamped sheet metal chassis, and the plastic feet, and cd drawer...but hey...what do you expect for this price???

Associated gear
Jolida 502B, Decware SE-34I Cinepro 1K2SE

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I am interested in it and would like to know more about it, Does it play CD-R, CD-RW and MP3, which tubes does it uses ?


Milindks: I don't know about MP3, but CD-R and CDR-W work fine.

Verastarr:You beat me to the punch. Good to see such a great CDP get reviewed.
Just interested to know what kind of music you listen to. I am considering this player and listen to Rock and Jazz as well as some vocal stuff. I agree that a lot of these players sound harsh and digital, especially with older recordings. I prefer a little less analytical and a bit more warm and laid back(but not too much!).
I have the Jolida, and after a few minor tweaks the sound is warm and less analytical as you desire. I swapped tubes with GE mica black plate 5751 and after a little break in, much improved. I also added dampening to the chassis and switched out power cord with one from Signal. Have not added cones yet. I listen mostly to vocals, acoustic, and some rock. Cd-r and cd-rw have played fine.
thanks dcktr-let me know if the cones make a difference if you decide to get them.
I had the Jolida JD-100, sold it because I got an SACD player, the guy returned it because he said the digital out didn't work (it works fine), and now I'm keeping it because it kicks the SACD player's you-know-what on redbook. The Jolida is a surprisingly good player. I'm using it in a headphone system. I listen mostly to acoustic, but some rock too and it does great with all. I'm so happy it came back to me!