Review: Jolida JD-100 CD Player

Category: Digital

This is one fabulous player! It kills anything I've used in the past with blacker backgrounds, incredible soundstage and air, and pinpoint imaging. Tubes really do sweeten the sound of digital with no loss of detail! Just with the edge taken off solid state sound. Stock Chinese tubes were upgraded to Russian Svetlana's at no additional charge.

I also want to thank the dealer I bought this unit from. With no local dealer in Maine I was a little apprehensive about buying out of state. My worries were solved when I met Bill Baker at Response Audio. He is so different than any dealer I've worked with before. He's non pressuring, most imformative, and really really cares about your long term happiness and business. He was interested enough to ask what my system consisted of, and explained differences I'd most likely hear with the Jolida as compared to other products without anything negative about other products being said. I called his toll free line 2 or 3 times before buying, and he never got impatient or attempted to close a sale. If he did he hid it well. His knowledge is deep, and he cares about his customers as he stated "Before, during and after the sale." I even got a free nice looking Response Audio pen as his way of saying thanks. I don't think many people go the extra step to show their appreciation nowadays like he does.

Back to the player, not only is it the best player I've heard in my system, (My speakers reveal differences in electronics being MG-12 Magnepan's) but it's built like a a more expensive unit you'd buy. The remote is even a heavy steal weapon! Needless to say I think it will last a while!
This is a great affordable way to enjoy the best of your CD collection now!

Associated gear
Audio Research LS-12 preamp, Bryston 4B ST power amp, Cardas cabling

Similar products
Music Hall MMF 25, Cambridge Audio D-500SE, and Rotel RCD 991 AE.
As a Jolida 100 owner, I wholly concur with your applause for both machine and vendor; glad to see Bill hasn't lost his touch.

I too enjoy this player so much. I am glad that more people are now experiencing the balance of performance/value that this player offers. I am using the same preamp (LS-12, although discontinued by Audio Research, another steal at $1500 brand new in my opinion) and the result is purely magical on my system. Congratulations!