Review: Jade Audio MoonTails Interconnect

Category: Cables

Jade Audio MoonTails interconnects or how to transcend your system

I never understood the cable hype, the outrageously priced exotic interconnects. If they do look expensive, they must be expensive, right? And the more expensive, the better. Does a pair of $550 interconnects sound like a pair of $5000 interconnects? Opinions differ. There are truly some real bargains among the entry-level cables. Does it mean that when I buy a pair of reasonably priced interconnects I get average or above average sound? Of course not! I have tried all kinds of interconnects, from cheap to expensive, to finally settle with Jade Audio’s MoonTails. Why? Because they’re all about musicality. I stopped analyzing every note of music and just went for a pair of neutral and musical performers. I’m not going to fill this space with praising the MoonTails. Mr. Alan Sircom of HiFi Plus magazine is a professional reviewer and in issue 101, you can read all about his findings and why he highly recommends the MoonTails. I’d say the man has golden ears, he confirms what I have known ever since I had my first listen to the MoonTails: they are excellent performers. All the more reason to check these out. They hardly look expensive, they don’t carry a hefty price tag, they just do what they were created to do: to draw you into the music and to make you enjoy listening to music again. J’y suis, j’y reste the French saying goes and that expression certainly goes for the MoonTails: they are certainly here to stay! If JD, the owner of Jade Audio should read this, I must congratulate him on this fine achievement. Few designers can create a cable like the MoonTails. These might be the entry-level interconnects of the year. Worth investigating!

Associated gear
Audio Synthesis passive controller
Audio Synthesis Transcend Decade CD-transport
Audio Synthesis DAX-2 digital to analogue converter
Quicksilver Audio amplifier
TDL loudspeakers