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A Tale of Jade Audio’s MoonTails – THE entry-level interconnects

I’m not going to deny that I’m an avid fan of Jade Audio. It all started when I bought a pair of their Vermeil interconnects not having the slightest clue of how they sounded. I just knew I had to try them in my system. From the moment I heard the Vermeils, I realized that these were no ordinary cables. Since then I have tried the Hybrids and even the Reference Gold with the aesthetically appealing Bocchino Technology Amaranthine RCA connectors. When I asked Jade, the owner of Jade Audio, about an entry-level cable, he designed the MoonTails. Jade sent me a pair and as soon as I hooked them up and had a quick listen, I knew the MoonTails were quite special. However, they hadn’t unleashed their full potential yet. After about 70 hours of burning-in time, the MoonTails’ sound opened up further and they showed their true colours. It was like a landscape painted by Van Gogh, vivid and revitalizing. Then the real listening began.

On the title-track of Loreena McKennitt’s “The Wind That Shakes The Barley” their performance was nothing short of magical. Loreena’s voice and music have the ability to draw you into her mysterious musical journey. The air surrounding her voice and the instruments was uncanny. This might also be due to the venue where the recordings took place: in the historic 1832 Sharon Temple north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Some late-night listening to Frances Bogart White’s “Whisper Rap” literary gave me the creeps. “It’s such an eerie night” quotes Frances on one of the tracks and I couldn’t have agreed more. All those special sound-effects that pop up out of nowhere at the most unexpected moments were quite naturally portrayed. The MoonTails just let these sounds loose into the listening room and at times were quite beguiling.

On Patti Smith’s “Banga” the MoonTails performed extremely well. Often when Patti just quotes some of her poems woven into the song, her voice can get a bit lost in the mix. Not here, I could hear her voice loud and clear, almost as if it was shifted to the foreground with a great finesse. Quite impressive.

Barb Jungr’s “Chanson: The Space In Between” starts with the track “Don’t leave me now”, a translation of Jacques Brel’s “Ne me quitte pas” by fellow chansonnier Des de Moor. For once the words and their meaning are accurate. It’s not a copy of the version people know as “If you go away”, no, this translation is quite different and correct. He’s not afraid to see her go (If you go away) but instead he’s pledging his sincere love for her and begs her to stay. It’s a declaration of love. Anyway, Barb’s voice has something magical in it and the way she interprets this song, sends shivers up and down my spine every time I listen to it. “Sunday morning, St. Denis” starts with an accordion solo, then Barb sets in with a gaiety and frivolity that transcends you to the other side of romantic Paris. The MoonTails never failed me when I put on CD after CD.

Melody Gardot’s “My One And Only Thrill” sounds just extraordinary musical. Melody has a lovely, warm voice with a slightly bitter undertone in it. She brings her songs with a bit darkish but yet sophisticated finesse. I thoroughly enjoy that CD but especially the title track. Of course the MoonTails presented this with aplomb. When playing “Mira” from Melody’s “The Absence”, you simply get absorbed into the Brazilian spheres; you just let the music take you away without the slightest objection.

When trying on Katie Melua’s newest, “Secret Symphony”, the MoonTails simply amaze. This is the best CD Katie Melua has recorded to date and her voice often reminds me of Kate Bush’s. There are some really nice songs on this CD and it has become one of my favourites.

Now, are the MoonTails that perfect? Did I find any faults? Not exactly, I couldn’t find any music that the MoonTails couldn’t handle. Whether it’s jazz, blues, classical, instrumental, etc. The MoonTails just produce music. Lovely music, quite accurate, voices are clear, instruments well placed. The soundstage is huge and I daresay that their sonic signature approaches that of Jade Audio’s own high-end Reference Gold interconnects. Of course, if you compare the MoonTails to the References, the MoonTails are going to show their limitations, but are those really limitations? I don’t see it that way at all. The MoonTails are over-achievers; they perform well and can handle all kinds of music. They show you what is possible from their entry-level point of view err…. sound. They don’t leave anything out; in fact they reveal a lot more than other cables in their price range. They bettered interconnects I was using of about three times the price of the MoonTails. I prefer the MoonTails over the Vermeils and Hybrids and that might have something to do with the fact I’m using tube gear. The Hybrids can sound a little to over analytical and are thus very well suited to solid state gear. The Vermeils are a wee bit more refined than the MoonTails, but the MoonTails have musicality in spades. I do hope Jade Audio introduces the MoonTails loudspeaker cables too because imagine what the combination of interconnects and loudspeaker cables must be like…. With this, I can happily recommend the MoonTails to every audiophile out there, be it the novice, experienced or expert. My advice to you: don’t buy any other interconnects until you have tried the Jade Audio MoonTails.

Associated gear

Quicksilver Audio tube amplifier
Audio Synthesis Passion passive attenuator
Audio Synthesis Transcend Decade CD-transport
Audio Synthesis DAX-2 d/a convertor
TDL Chiltern loudspeakers
Jade Audio Reference Gold interconnect
MG Audio Design loudspeaker cables
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I find your thoughts very revealing. Your comparison of the Moon Tails to the Vermeil Gold, the Hybrid Gold and the reference were quite enlightening.

The Moon Tail was a true surprise for me while I was designing them last winter. I found there bass to better the Vermeil, and their soundstage to rival the Hybrids. It was in the treble I found the most difficulty completing the design. I wanted an open extended cable, but continued to find it overly fatiguing until I found the wire combination I settled on.

The treble is fully extended and very open once it is fully broken in. The difference between the Moon Tails and the Vermeil/Hybrid/Reference is in clarity and lack of grain. The higher up the line one goes, the purer the treble accuracy and clarity.

I am excited to announce the Moon Tails will soon be reviewed by Stereo Mojo. This should be a full and in depth review by this great on line magazine. I will be sure to notify folks when that comes out.

Thanks for the review,

Jade Audio, LLC

Hello Jade,

Well, I think these interconnects just scream to be reviewed, so I just wanted to write an honest review. Of course I'm not a professional reviewer, but I do have "dem golden ears".

I am quite looking forward to the review on StereoMojo, the MoonTails deserve to be reviewed by a professional and I'm sure they'll get a lot of praise and hopefully that coveted StereoMojo award.

Maybe then you might consider putting together the MoonTails loudspeaker cables? You sure can count on my order!

And do keep us posted on when the review appears. Can't wait to read it!

Thanks for making the best cables out there in hi-fi land!
I was able to see the conclusion of Stereo Mojo's coming review of the Moon Tails. It sounds like it will be a very flattering review.

Hopefully I am able to raise some money this winter so that I can develop a Moon Tails speaker cable as per your request. It will take the best part of a year to develop, so don;t hold your breath.

I'll let you all know when the review is posted.

Well, Jade, I think that the review in StereoMojo shall be very flattering and merely confirm what I have known all along: Jade Audio cables are simply amazing!

Please keep us posted!
I'm very pleased to announce the review from Stereo Mojo has now been posted at

We received their Specific Recommendation after what was a great review. Thanks goes out to Marvin for all the effort in his review.

Wow! The review is great, it seems that Marvin agrees with me. It's about time Jade Audio gets the recognition it deserves. Jade makes wonderful cables and the MoonTails are certainly no exception. I hope that lots more of audiophiles are ready to discover what these cables can do in his or her system. The MoonTails are merely the entry level interconnects, and they share the same sonic signature of the more expensive References. Of course, they are no match for the more refined and full-bodied sound of the References, but at $550, the MoonTails are a steal!

To Jade of Jade Audio: does this mean that we soon can expect MoonTails loudspeaker cables too? This would be a true musical blessing for every audiophile on a budget!

Happy Listening!
Thanks Sweetmamma, I am thinking about developing a speaker cable, but I need to stash some money to invest in the development, and I am hoping I will get my heart transplant soon, then I hope to have the energy to develop more as well as market through the audio shows.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and am happy your enjoying your MoonTails.

I am very excited to announce we were reviewed by the British on line magazine Hi-Fi Pig, and received there recommended product award. That is our second award from the second review, we are thrilled for the support and respect.


During a regular visit to the Jade Audio website, I read the translation of the MoonTails review that appeared in the Russian magazine I found it a bit short, but again, another wonderful review. The MoonTails are really excellent performers and I knew that from the very beginning. Apparantly reviewers seem to agree with me. Congrats to you for another wonderful review, Jade!
Hi Sweetmamma,

I’m glad you saw the review from the Russian magazine. It is our third of three very positive reviews; in fact two of the three have named Moon Tails a recommended component. The Russian magazine does not have recommended components.

I don’t know if you noticed on our website, but there is a blank link to a review from Hi-Fi Plus, the number one British magazine. The review is not to be released until July 4th, so for now the link is disabled, but I have been told we will again receive recommended status.

This is an excellent cable, and for the cost it is a relative bargain. I thank you for your continued support in Jade Audio and wish you well.


Hi JD,

I indeed noticed the HiFi Plus logo, but thought it was just a non-working link. I'm pretty sure that it'll be another wonderful review. To be honest, I Always trust the British reviewers because they do have golden ears. If the other reviewers highly recommended the MoonTails, then I bet the British reviewers even have higher praises for the MoonTails.

I think it's about time Europe discovers these excellent interconnects.

Do you happen to know which reviewer was Lucky enough to put the MoonTails to the test? I am already looking forward to reading it!

Meanwhile, keep up the good work!

The Hi-Fi Plus July issue hit the shelves in UK on July 4th and will be in stores in the US after the 12th I believe. In the mean time you can read our "Highly Recommended" review at our website, just click the Hi-Fi Plus logo at the bottom of the home page to read this and other reviews of the Moon Tails. They realty are exceptional cables.
I hate shameless self promotion, but I am so excited to announce the launch of our new website. Please take a look at and let me know what you think. I think this is our best site yet.