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I simply had to share my own impressions of the upgrade that I recently received from Raul on Jose on my Essential 3150, which has now been upgraded to their ultimate Essential 3160 specifications. I'll post the exact response as I have just sent it to Raul and Jose, so please excuse any content that might not bear direct relation to this review. However, it is as honest a response as I am capable of giving and I hope it will prove useful to others ('everyone' really).

"Monday 13th August: Essential arrives. Connected and set up. Play music for 4 hours alternating between MM (Moerch DP6/Music Maker 3) and MC (Ikeda/Allaerts). 100% jazz played.

First and most immediate impression was that the Essential sounding hugely different to its sound before the upgrade. There seemed to be a richer but darker sound. The sparkle of the early version seemed somewhat lessened but so too did its slightly lean sound, which I had largely put down to being a problem with the Talons and their Thiel ceramic drivers. My perspective on all of this (and, as you’ll see, ‘my actual system and its setup’) was to change dramatically over the coming days.

Tuesday 14th August: Let both MM and MC stages run for 5 hours with volume turned down (without my listening to them). At 19:45, I listened to both stages again for a further 3 hours. 75% jazz, 15% classical and 10% blues played.

Immediate impression was “wow”! The apparent darkness has become simply more of everything. The mid range just oozes more detail. Male vocals are far richer and yet the treble has also become more aggressive or vital. Anyone who thought that the Essential sounded lean in its former manifestation should just hear what I am hearing now!!

Wednesday 15th August: listened to tuner (Marantz ST-17) and CD Player (Marantz CD7). Again, the richness of detail remains markedly improved across the entire band width that my speakers are capable of delivering (flat at 40Hz-40Khz).

I then repeated the exercise of playing each track on the MM and MC alternatively for four hours. Sound stage and focus seem more precise and large. I had thought that the ML 23.5 might not have been good or powerful enough to drive my Talons. The improvement in the dynamism, fullness and accuracy of the new Essential has proven this not to be the case. The Levinson is doing a phenomenal job and is an even better amp than I had realised. Bass production also fills my room in a more tight and detailed way. This leads me to some of the consequences of the improvements that have been made to the Essential.

JOYOUS GRIPE: The first thing that became most obvious to me (now by day 3) was that the treble was far fuller and immediate. However, the timbre on my favourite test album for this region (ie. Taj Mahal’s “Teacups Jazzy Blues Tunes” from his album, Oooh So Good’n Blues) seemed wrong. The Pointer Sisters’ use of sleigh bells and Chinese finger cymbals on this track just did not seem to have captured the full sparkle and timbral accuracy of the instruments. This led me to play around with my speakers and super-tweeters (sts). I noticed that each time that I turned the sts down a level the situation improved. Finally, I removed the sts completely and, eureka, the sleigh bells, finger cymbals and cymbals (triangle) and stick emerged gloriously into my listening room. So the improvements in the Essential concerning high frequency have left me with a redundant set of Townshend sts! Raul had suggested that I did not need the sts but I was looking for (what I now suppose was simply) “more” sound (maybe feeling the Essential had been giving me a slightly lean sound myself) and could not fully note the poor integration of the sts to my speakers before. The 40Khz top end of the Talons is really something quite special but I never really realised just how special until I got the Essential back in its new incarnation and consequently lost the sts.

Thursday 16th August: One hour of listening to the tuner and two hours listening to the cdp in the morning. Just glorious: everything is just better than before - more detailed, vibrant and right.

Back to the MM and MC for a further 6 hours real listening. 50% jazz, 45% classical and 5% blues played. Everything seems just so good but I notice that on some tracks (such as “Wagon Wheels” from Sonny Rollins album, Way Out West), there was slight confusion about the position of the musicians. At times the drummer (Shelly Manne) drifts ever so slightly forward as the sound of his playing increased and a similar situation occurs with the bassist (Ray Brown) and saxophonist (Rollins) when their solos reach a crescendo or increased in volume. This led to more playing around with my set up.

JOYOUS GRIPE: To cut a long story short – I changed the SAEC SS 300 metal mat for the Boston Audio Mat1 and then the Basis Reflex Clamp for the Acoustic Signature (Grip MKII) clamp (I tried various combinations of these four components on various music over a 4 hour period). Again, Eureka, the sound stage is fixed in place and timbre and rhythm took another step into the realms of live performance. I’m not certain if the loss of the rubber in the Basis grip was the key factor but the change is irrefutable. If Raul gets a chance, please, please give this combination a go on one of your AS turntables. I’d really be pleased to hear your impressions and so I won’t go into any more details about what I’m hearing with this alteration.

My impression of the Essential has now gone into the stratosphere. Everything is just excellent. The sparkle that I felt was greater on the original Essential was now back only now far more in context. This showed up on all piano and horn work and was just stunning on Darius Milhaud’s Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra (ORS 78297). In fact, I’m now really considering buying a pair of Escalante Pinyon monitors as they have even better specifications than my Talons and share the same designer – who personally swears by the marked improvements in his newer work. The reviews of them also seem to bear this out: there are some interesting reviews on Audiogon discussions and at and another one at The key specifications that interest me relate to getting ‘even more’ out of my set up and giving the Essential a better environment for the music that it is delivering:

Talons Pinyons
Frequency range 40Hz – 40Khz 34Hz – 50Khz
Sensitivity 87db 89db

1. Will this be any problem for the recalibration of my Essential that you did in regards to the Talons or will it still marry well with the Pinyons? and
2. Will this not alter the cross over point when you change my ML23.5 for the subs?

Friday 17th August: Started playing records (volume turned down) at 7:00 am. Decided to write this review up and so left the music playing to itself for 2 hours (obviously popping back to change the records as it went along). I began proper listening at 10:00am and listened intermittently throughout the day until 22:00pm. 45% Classical, 25% Blues, 15% Jazz, 10% rhythm and blues/soul and 5% popular chart music played.

The sound on both the MM and MC are just fantastic. Timbre, dynamics, sound stage, rhythm are all as good as anything I’ve ever heard. I had often thought that there was a distinction between the emotional impact of tube gear and solid state (no doubt because of the noted quicker human reception of distinct harmonic orders). In fact, and largely no doubt based on not a little romanticism and nostalgia, I had always felt that the most emotionally involving system I had owned was my Audio Research and Proac response setup of more than a decade and a half ago. NOT SO. The vibrancy, detail and fullness of the music that I am now hearing from the Essential driven new setup is just so much more than I can really express.

JOYOUS GRIPE: The amazing performance of the Essential 3150/60 is – as I’ve said - the key reason why I am thinking of upgrading my speakers to the Pinyons: I think the Essential needs the best that I can have (although a bank loan will have to come into play hear: still, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so I can claim it as a late present to myself!?).

Saturday 18th August: Early start. I have now switched over the Music Maker 3 for the Empire LTD 750, which Raul had recommended as a very good cartridge. I will let you know my thoughts when I have given it enough time to run-in and be certain of what I hear and think. However, immediate impressions on playing it without any break in is of a wider but more compressed (front to back) sound stage and yet a better level of clarity and precision (compared to the fantastic and vibrant sound that I was now getting from the MM3). It also seems to play much louder.


The upgraded Essential gives me more of many things that are best summed up by what I saw Raul once describe simply as “MORE MUSIC”: here and in my system (even with its current limitations – no subs and fairly limited room treatment) the term ‘more’ can be substituted by the terms ‘accurate’, ‘believable’ and ‘real’. The potential for my home reproduced music now seems almost limitless.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to both of you for your genius and generosity here"

Warts and all, that's what I've found and that's what I've posted. Just hear it for yourself.

Wishing the best

Associated gear
Mark Levinson 23.5
Talon Hawk monitors
Partington Broadside speaker stands
Townshend Supertweeters
Acoustic Signature Mambo turntable
Ikeda tonearm
Allaerts MC2 Finish Gold MC Cartridge
Moerch DP6 (12" red point) tonearm
Music Maker 3 MM cartridge
Empire Ltd750 MM cartridege
Marantz ST-17 tuner
Marantz CD7 player
Kubala Sosna and Analysis Plus silver cabling throughout

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Great report, and nice to hear Jose and Raul have been working on this area.

Raul was kind enough to drag his travelling 3150 up to CT last December. Compared to my Nick Doshi custom preamp the 3150 had tighter, stronger bass but was indeed lacking in the ability to pass low level detail, harmonic texture and instrumental/vocal timbres. I'm not talking about rosy, warmth - which I assume you dislike as much as we do - but the full harmonic structure of complex instruments. (BTW, upgrading from the stock power cord helped the 3150 quite a bit in this area, though it still couldn't match the Alaap.)

To keep those weaknesses in context, these two preamps are head and shoulders above all others we've heard. They had to be put side by side to identify one (fairly minor) weakness in each. Neither of these weaknesses would be easily noticed in comparison to other preamps we've tried, since most of those are virtually unlistenable by comparison.

Since Raul's visit we've found tighter, less microphonic (and new production!) tubes that bring our preamp's bass very close to the tightness and strength of the 3150 (as best I remember). Meantime, J and R have apparently given their design an upgrade in the one area it needed. Everything's getting better. :-)

Congrats to you and to J and R. They're apparently made a truly remarkable preamp even better. We said last December that the 3150 was the only other preamp we'd heard that we could live with. No doubt that's even truer now.

I am looking forward to the day that Raul needs photography and will allow me to audition the 3160 for an extended time.
Hi Albert - Any chance of you doing the same with Michael Elliot's upcoming WV preamp?
Jafox, I did photography for Mike a couple of years ago for his hybrid amps, I think he was pleased but we have not spoken in some time.

I'm certainly willing to listen, he was the sole provider of my reference phono and preamp for all the time before Aesthetix.
Doug, I wholly agree. Maybe you will give it a new listen with Albert once Raul and Jose have an opportunity to provide one. My system's currently going through major transformations and stretching each component to the limits of its performance in an attempt to meet the replay levels being made available by my Essential 3150/60.

BTW, I use the term 3150/60 because my 3150 had most of the internal electronic upgrades (apart from the changes to the volume control, I think)of the 3160 but did not have the changes in cosmetics and case work.
Brizonbiovizier, yes it has both options although the balanced input and outputs are by far my favourite. I think that from a quick glance at your system, it would be interesting to hear your opinion of the Essential, but you'll already have gathered how impressed I am.
My system listing on audiogon was quite out of date so I have updated it. Feel free to take another look. As my DAC has built in volume control I would only want the phono part of the essential - also with a volume control added. Both would then run into a balanced switch. I don't use a preamp.
Hi Brizonbiovizier,

Excuse the massive delay but I have been pre-occupied with work and life -and frankly haven't returned to this site for a while. I'm also pleased to say that a lot of my free time has simply been taken up listening to real music in my listening room (through tuner, cd and vinyl): bliss!

If you are only looking for a phonostage, you might still benefit from the Essential. It has discrete state-of-the-art mm and mc sections, which remain the driving force for the design. I'm not certain about the removal of the linestage but you could ask its manufacturers. I can only say that the Essential has been a journey's end for my search.

When you have a chance, please let us know how you decide to go and the results. Anyone else who has had the fortune of owning or experiencing an extended audition of the Essential, it would also be great to hear from you.

Hi All,

There have been changes to the company set-up surrounding the J&R Essential, its production and after sales service. I have also now familiarised myself with all aspects of its operation and had the opportunity to compare it to more units. I am therefore currently reconsidering the importance of these reflections and related issues and will update my initial above review in the days ahead. I feel it necessary to be as honest as I can and that fact underpins this proposal.

As always...
Hi All,

Just to let you all know that the pandemic and related issues means that - after decades of true joy, I must now look to sell  my special Essential 3160. Mine has the upgrades of the 3160 but the original power supply with the 3150 fascia.

I will be seeking a minimum of £10K, but will let it go to the highest bidder. Photo and such can be obtained on request and it has just had a thorough health check from UK technicians.

I can be contact on my email account at: