Review: Infinity IL-10 Speaker

Category: Speakers

i found these speakers to be wonderful performers.with nice upper bass and smooth treble frequency.nice warm vocals that come alive in my living room.very sturdy build quality and nice fit and finish.very atractive looking with solid front baffle.i think for the money the infinity il 10 is a very decent value, can be on the bright side, but not overly harsh.the only weakness in my opinion is that the interlude speakers are not the most eficient, but by no means the least eficient.i listen to a wide variety of music from jazz to hiphop to blues and just about anything else including doowop.i have owned these speakers for about 1 year now and it never seizes to amaze me.if money were no object i woulkd probally own the top of the line infinitys like the mts or intermizo,but alas i am not rich. so the interlude will have to do plus it sounds great at any price point.these speakers replaced my jbl northrige speakers and even though they are both owned by the same company both speakers have their own sonic signature. i like the infinty overall ,but the jbls were more eficient and did have a nice live sound to them.i hope this review was helpful to you.i think that when buying speakers u should always buy what sounds best to u as everybody has their own taste when it comes to sound.for me its the cmmd cones of the infinity i cant get enough of.

Associated gear
parasound hca-806 amp and full interlude speaker system.b&k ref 50 prepro.

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