Review: Infinity CS-3007 Speaker

Category: Speakers

This is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I picked them up for $300 new in the box. The only down side to them is that the low end only goes to 35kHz but you will never really notice. I listen to everything from rock to classical music and have watched a good many movies with this system. Every time I go anywhere else including movie theaters I am often disappointed with the sound quality.

The only speaker I like better is the B&W Nautilus 802 but I don't have 8k to blow on speakers. I also don't want to purchase an expensive power amplifier to run the B&W's. The infinity speaker does need a minimum of 90 watts to push it right so my Pioneer THX receiver does the job nicely. I have also listened to some Polk main speakers and was disappointed with the sound quality and clarity compared to these.

If you can pick these up for anything under 1k I would. The only speakers that compare that I can see would be well over double the money.

Associated gear
Pioneer VSX-35TX (reciever)
Pioneer DV-C36 (dvd)
Teac Tape Deck

Infinity Crescendo CS-3007
Polk PSW650
Polk R15

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