Review: In the Grove In the Grove Tweak

Category: Accessories

The In-the-Grove lp cleaner is not so much a tweak as it is essential for every vinyl lover. Record brushes are okay, but when I look at my lps spin under my 12 watt gooseneck style lamp, I still see lots of dust. Enter In-the-Grove lp cleaner. Its a sticky roller with a handle, sort-a-like a paint roller, but its only the length of an lp, and smaller. Its tacky, but not so much that its hard to roll around the lp. It sucks under more dust than you might image is on your lps, plus it lifts finger prints.

I read it was invented by a surgeon, and its utility is apparent. When dirty, it can be rinsed and air dried. It comes with a niffty plastic container to hold the roller when not in use. The roller can be inserted into its container in either direction, which is makes for easy storage. Plus its kinda fun to use. With a little practice, it only takes about 5 seconds to "roll a record."

I have the excellent Analog Productions pressing of Norah Jones' Come Away with Me; however, my copy was a little noisy last time I played it. But, after rolling it, the lp is not nearly as noisy as I thought. In fact, I was going to replace it at a considerable cost. Now Im not. In-the-Grove cost $19.99 and I cant recommend it highly enough. Consider it essential. Cheers.
Aren't we talking about grooves and not groves? There was a pine grove behind my house when I was a kid. Maybe the sticky stuff on the roller is some kind of tree sap? Oh well....
haha-yes grooves!