Review: Hyperion HPS-938

Let’s cut to the chase. These are the best pair of speakers I have ever owned or heard in a real world environment. Now for the review.

1984 – I was 17, and it was the year I caught the audiophile fever. I innocently walked into a high-end store in Beverly Hills, CA not realizing what it was. I saw these tall flat panels with cream-colored cloth grill and wood side trim. I thought to myself, “What kinda decorative furniture is this?” Then the music started to play. Wall to wall sound, alive, engrossing. Wow. These are actually speakers! They were the Maggie IIIs in its third incarnation.

But the most memorable speakers I’ve ever come across, until recently, were the original Martin Logan CLS and the Apogee Duetta. It was 1985 at the Stereophile show in Santa Monica, CA where I first heard them. They were the most involving and transparent speakers I’ve ever heard until now. The Duettas were set up by the late Jason Bloom, who was the only one IMHO who knew how to set these speakers up properly. I forget who set up the CLS. They took 2nd and 1st place, respectively, as Best Sound of the Show. The sound was as real as it gets, except for the limited macrodynamics and one note CLS bass that was somewhat ameliorated by Vandersteen Subs.

Over the years, I’ve owned Maggies, Apogees, Mirage M1s, and had various affairs with stats. See a trend here sans M1? I’m a planar guy. I value the best in midrange purity, transparency, coherency, imaging, and staging. But planars always had one major drawback - no chest thumping macrodynamics. In addition, as most of you know, planars are hard to set up. I was never able to set these speakers up properly in my home to their full potential although I enjoyed their sound immensely.

2004 – I am 37 now, and this is the year I caught the music lover fever. I was at the NY Hifi show in April. I had been out of high-end for the past 8 years because of medical school and all, but thought, “What the hell go and have fun at the show.” Never intended on getting into high-end again. No time and limited funds. Then I walked buy the Hyperion room and saw these attractive piano black speakers that looked like Watt Puppies. Never heard the company before. But the music. I was transfixed. The music just flowed, and I couldn’t get myself to leave the room. There was so much else to see at the show, but I was in the room for over an hour. I finally pried myself from the room to listen to other speakers costing up to $50,000. Well, I found myself back in the Hyperion room again listening to the music. Hell, I wasn’t thinking about the usual audiophile crap like imaging, staging, transparency, frequency extension, etc. They were all there with aplomb, but I was just enjoying the incredible music emerging from these speakers. I returned to the Hyperion room five times during the day.

Came home. I WANT THESE SPEAKERS! But my room is small, 15 x 11.5 x 8 feet. I don’t have $4k, let alone money for the electronics and cables. Don’t have the time.

October, 2004 - The Hyperions are in my room. They have been with me for nearly three months. Oh well. Thank the Almighty for credit cards. I’m sure I’ll be cursing myself later.

I was lucky enough to find very high quality affordable electronics from Tube Audio Design TA-30 integrated tube amp (, Shengya S10 tube CD player (, silver cables and interconnects from Crystal Clear ( Additional tweaks include cryoed 6522 tube replacement for the stock tube in the Shengya CDP, Magnetic Floater isolation feet for my CDP, acoustic foam treatment for my room, Signal Cable Magic power cords for the integrated amp and CDP, Walker Audio SST silver treatment, Hal-O tube dampeners, and Herbies CD dampening mat.

I’ve had this system for almost 3 months now with about 400 hours of burn-in. I feel it’s about 95% burned in because the sound is still improving but at a much slower rate. I finally feel confident enough to give this speaker a fair review. But be aware these speakers will sound grainy and harsh in the beginning not only due to the speakers themselves but also due to the break-in of all the new electronics and cables upstream. It took well over 250 hours before my system started to integrate and sound right.

I can only come up with superlatives in describing these speakers. Online and magazine reviews of the 938s are finally trickling in, and they are in agreement with my assessment.

Now for the audiophile stuff:

High frequency: The horn loaded silk dome tweeter is smooth, dynamic, and crystal clear. Cymbals have that zing and shimmer I hear in live unamplied jazz music. Bells, well, sound like bells. Hand clapping has that initial slap and trailing cuffing sound I hear in real life. Steel string guitars have that initial sharp, steely attack followed by slow decay. It doesn’t have the extra air found Maggie ribbon tweeters, but I always thought the extra air was in some ways artificial.

Midrange: Oh the beautiful midrange, the stuff that stats are made of. The clarity and transparency of the midrange are on par with the best electrostats out there. Reminds me of the original CLS midrange without the upper midrange glare and brightness. I have heard the new Quad and Innersound electrostats, and they have nothing over the 938s. The bulk of my music is comprised of female vocalists (Norah Jones, Rickie Lee Jones, Eva Cassidy, Natalie Merchant, Sade, etc), and through the 938s these artists come alive in my room. Orchestral strings have that woody resin sound I hear at the Boston Symphony. Sax has that reedy quality I am familiar with – used to play the sax, albeit poorly. Classical guitar, an instrument I still play, has that mellow plucked sound. You get the idea.

Bass: This region is a little difficult to evaluate because of the 60-80 Hz boom in my room and slight bass fullness in my tube integrated amp. I’m still trying to flatten out the room resonance, but I don’t have the finance to purchase additional room treatment. My tube integrated amp has very tight bass for a tube amp, but not as tight as a good solid-state amp. The upper bass above 80 Hz and lower bass 40-60 Hz is fast and tight. Stand up bass is tuneful and has the requisite body I hear in real life, but in some recordings it can get out of hand due to room resonance. One important bass quality of the 938s is “air” in the bass that allows you can get a sense of the volume of the hall the music was recorded in. I don’t know how to better describe this phenomenon. The Apogee Duettas had this quality. The speakers are rated to 30 Hz, but my small room can support that kind of bass. Reviews online and in audiophile mags indicate the 938s are capable of great slam, speed, and near subterranean extension in the bass provided you have enough juice and preferably a solid state amp. Sadly, I can not comment on this. You can’t expect a 30 watt tube integrated to plumb the depths of Mariana Trenches. But I can say at the NY Hifi show, I heard startling dynamics in the bass.

Imaging/Staging: The 938s really shine in this area. Properly set up – about 7 to 8 feet apart, slight toe-in, 3-4 feet from the rear wall – these speakers are capable of astonishing holographic imaging and staging on par with the best planars. Actually, the imaging is better in most cases because of 938s point source dispersion. In my room, I can get wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, and front to way beyond the rear wall sound if the recording permits. With bad recordings, the soundstage collapses. The 938s appears to be true to the source, unlike some planars that sound big no matter the recording.

Transparency: On par with electrostats. Enough said.


I can go on further deconstructing the sound of the 938s but that’s not the point. The most important sound quality of the 938s, in my opinion, is not its parts but its sum. This speaker has the uncanny ability to integrate the all the sound qualities described above into one coherent whole - music. The speaker just makes utterly enjoyable music, the music that grabbed me and had me coming back for more when I first heard them at the show. Who would have thunk it - a speaker so convincing and captivating that converted a die hard planar guy like me. I can’t afford these speakers even at the real world price of $4k, but I bought them anyway. If I were Bill Gates, I would still buy the 938s over the towering, stratospherically priced $20k+ that I only come alive in a dedicated audio room costing tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, the 938s are that good.

The Company: Hyperion. Who is that? They’re a new company from China. I was leery about the stability of this new company given how companies come and go in high end. But this company treats its customers like a Lexus dealer. When I received the 938s, I carefully removed the speakers from their elaborately packaged boxes only to find scratches and chips on the fine piano black finished. Shipping damage? Don’t know. But I contacted Albert Wu and James, the East and West coast representatives of the company, respectively. I sent them photographs of the damage and received prompt apologies and replies telling me they will replace the speakers as soon as the new shipment arrives in the US, shipping to my home included. My new pairs should be arriving in November. In addition, Albert sent me a set of their Magnetic Floater dampening feet ($100) for my troubles. They are great isolation devices and reside under my CDP. These guys are professional, cordial, and very interested in customer feedback on their products. A high end manufacturer like Hyperion is rare.

Note this review has been posted on AudioAsylum under my AA handle MGH.
Wow- excellent review! There was another rave review at stereo times of these. Just wish I could shake loose $5K at the moment. I guess I'll just have to enjoy them by proxy for awhile. Keep posting your impressions!
It's true about the speakers :>) The speakers are unique, and patents to prove it, but the real proof is in the listening.
Also there are some unique patent-worthy features to be found in the design of this company's amplifier. (Preamp, not heard due to in-home accident, after safe traveling from China to USA)
Speakers, and amplifier heard to very good effect in the Hyperion system demo at the Connecticut Audio Society meeting last month. Due to new pieces coming right out of the box, there was a refining of the sound as hours passed during the meeting.
There is a definite trend to affordable prices as excellent equipment comes from part of the Chinese audio industry.
Hyperion is truly a family business, and this is keystone reason for its personalized, and responsible treatment of potential, and existing customers.
Although the review by Dracule1 is only one person's opinion, there is remarkable congruency with the consensus of many listeners who listened as a group to their favorite test CD's.
Attention Larryb, you can have these speakers for true bargain list price of only $4K, although you've just about paid for their great accompanying amp, if you include the extra $1K, because during this introductory phase there may still be some additional direct marketing price reduction when you combine with same company's amp, and preamp.
Because the sound can be so enjoyable with moderate output, moderately priced, transistor, or tube amps, one can impress fellow audiophiles for less than you pay many other companies.
Glad you guys like my review. Larryb, the 938s are not $5k. It retails for $4k, but you should be able to get at least a 10% discount from authorized dealers. The 938s are not only the best sound I gotten from speakers but also the best deal in high end I've come across.
I was looking for a dealer in France after reading all those enthousiast listening. I found nobody selling (or knowing)Hyperion in France, Germany or England. Yesterday I contacted a dealer from Poland, he seems to be very serious and propose HPS 938 with 10% discount and no shipping charge (door to door shipping). There are no VAT or taxes as it is a EU deal. I still hesitate because it's difficult to buy speakers without listening them.
As MGH (also read on audioasylum) I'm very found or my Magnepan MG 2.5R but they are difficult to drive an even with good source an electronics they still have this lack of bass and chest thumping.
Any help is welcome
Sounds like a good deal on the 938s if no tax and shipping is included. Just make sure they are an authorized dealer. If you run into problems, Hyperion will take good care of you. Go to their website and contact Albert Wu with any questions.

I used to own the Maggie 3s. Although they have improved the sound over each iteration, I still feel you will be much more satisfied with the 938s because the midrange is more transparent and pure, you get more accurate imaging and staging, integration of highs/mids/bass is superb, and you can get bass as tight as Apogees but with the chest thumping. It's easier to place and drive. I'm running my 938s with 30 watts of tube power to satisfying levels in my room. But a good solid state amp is needed to get the slam and drive in the bass.
The dealer seems to be serious, he was recommended on the Hyperion Website and has a local shop in Poland.
May be HPS 938 will be my Christmas gift. ;-)
Excellent THOROUGH review!

Glad to hear that another ex-audiophile is back with us in this insane asylum we call audiophile-dom.

I too must confess to being VERY intriqued by these 'speaks, especially after reading the review @ Stereo Times -- but now after reading this, I'll for sure have to get out & hear a pair!

Again, great job & welcome back! has a sneek peak look at the 938 with full review to follow by Srajan Ebaen.
Looks like you're a planar guy as well. Excellent set up you have, looks like a highend dealer showroom.
The above post about the set up was for Denf. Thanks for the compliment Denf.
Excellent, thorough, very professional and passionate review! Thank you!

I have been holding off in this thread for a while.

As some may know, I wrote up a big recommendation in my annual "TRELJA In New York", 2004 edition. I, and my two friends, were bowled over by this incredibly finished, superb sounding speaker. To be brief, I expected from the look and sound for it to be a $12K - $18K speaker. It was THAT good.

The company owner even requested permission to use my statements in their advertising, which I agreed to.

However, since this time, despite some e - mails back and forth, correspondence with the company has been mostly miss, as opposed to hit. Several of the members of my audio group asked me to purchase the speakers on their behalf. However, at times, I did go months without a reply on two separate occasions(including right now). Others have experienced the same thing, including a promiment dealer who I discussed the situation with.

In no way am I saying these are not fine sounding, well built speakers. Just that the fact that they use proprietary drivers and have no company history, I would like to make sure that purchasers go in with their eyes wide open.

It's a 50%/50% chance, you could wind up with something analogous to my Coincident speakers that I bought in 1997 before ANYONE ever heard of the company or you could end up with a pair of Paragons. Given that the Chinese companies have been coming on, things may be peaches and cream. But, there are a few instances of late of Chinese companies disappearing into thin air.

Dracule1, I wish you the best with these speakers, and please let us know if the replacement pair are delivered to you in November. Hopefully, this post will assure you of that, as it will raise the eyebrows of the audio community.
Hello All;
I was reading the threads about the 938's and i was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me: How they might match with a Krell FPB400cx and a Lexicon MC8 pre pro? How might they compare to Tyler Acoustics Linbrook signatures OR Dali ms4 or ms5 Euphonias?

I agree with Trelja. I have heard them with him. His very positive review was prominently posted for months on Audiogon's home page. I feel strongly about it because I am briefly mentioned as endorsing the product as well. Trelja did not ask for or accept any compensation for doing this. Mr. Wu's request that he use his words for free in advertising was given without hesitation. His not having the decency to answer the e-mail inquiries says a great deal about their character. Therefore I must disagree with Dracule's comments that because the company sent him something for free endows the company with anything beyond giving him payment for a damaged product. I am deeply dissapointed.
Trelja, Although caution is important in every endeavor, including the search for a great system, Albert Wu, sales manager, who demo'ed recently to the Connectict Audio Society, can be reached at his business card telephone number 1-646-262-7027 (New York City).
I have found the old fashioned telephone can be more efficient when trying to reach someone who is busy, in this era of overactive spam filters. Email has dropped the ball a number of times, in my own experience.
Another telephone contact number 1-909-598-2535, on the west coast (California).
If neither of these contact numbers gets the job done, please post again your experience for the rest of us to know.
Thanks Trelja for your comments. We spoke on here months ago regarding these speakers, but it has taken me this long to give a fair and accurate review of these speakers. I wanted to make sure I wasn't suffering from "jump on the bandwagon" fever one can experience with any new innovative product.

I'm sorry your and Mechans' interactions with Mr Wu have not been to your expectations. But you got to give the guy a break - the guy is trying to start up a new company in a foreign country in a business where we expect Mercedes dealer type treatment. Not an easy task. As Listener57 stated, I found calling by phone to be the best method of getting a hold of Mr Wu.

But I believe Mechans statement about getting "something for free endows the company with anything beyond giving him payment for a damaged product" is completely out of line. First of all, it is not a payment for a damaged product because I am getting replacement speakers. How many audio companies in the past have actually sent you something for free that actually makes a significant improvement on the sound of your equipment because they felt your expectations were not met? In my experience, none. Mr Wu did not have to. All I was expecting were replacement speakers. I have talked to others who have purchased these speakers, and they have had no problems with them at all. I suspect the damage occurred during customs inspection on the West Coast.

I have received assurance from the dealer, James on the West Coast, and Mr Wu that I will receive replacement speakers. This is before each were aware I have talked to any one of them. If I do not recieve replacements as promised, then I would have to side with Mechans. But that's really jumping the gun. You can't expect a new company built by audiophiles to get everything right on the first try. Be patient and give these guys a chance because you rarely find products like this in highend unless you're willing to skip buying your next car.

So far I have been very satified with the company.
Hi Oldpet,

I can't comment on the Krells or some of the speakers you mention, but I did audition the Dali MS5s for 2 hours and to a lesser extent MS4s. IMO, the 938s are more transparent, has purer midrange, and has better micro/macrodynamics. The MS5 on paper has more extension in the extremes, but subjectively I'm not sure if I could tell a difference. But take my comments with a grain of salt because I didn't do a direct side to side comparison using the same electronics and wires.
I am not as considerate as my friend. He urks me to shame that way.
Let me also congratulate you for your well written review, especially of the sonics. I agree that these are excellent speakers. I understand your passion for them.
I am also not as diplomatic as he is. I thought I was being reserved, trust me on that.
Thank you for explaining your expectations and your curiosity about the damage.
I will excersize the patience you recommend and eagerly await your follow-up. P.S. Would you be kind enough to e-mail privately just a couple of simple questions.
Mechans, thanks for your reply. You are welcome to email me anytime with your questions.
Oldpet, my email is malfunctioning so I couldn't send you a reply. But the answers to every question you pose in the email is in my review and all the reviews that are now available on 6moons, enjoythemusic, and theabsolutesound. See Hyperion's website for the links. Hope this helps.
One thing I need to impress upon people is that ANY new company that requires its customers to chase after them is not providing good customer service by any stretch of the imagination.

This cannot even be argued.

Give Albert a break, he is starting up a new company - are you kidding me??? What about about all of the other businesses in this industry who have to fight and scratch for everything they do here.

The customer service of Lexus? Let me tell you a few things about Lexus, despite the fact that their automobiles don't mesh with my tastes, they are superbly engineered, incredibly well executed, and backed up by customer service that is the envy of any business. The fact remains that if you were indeed purchasing a Lexus, you would have NEVER been delivered a product that was not perfect from day one in the first place. It's because the Lexus dealer is providing VALUE to you.

You want me to call Albert Wu? For what? I don't need a pair of speakers. I was merely setting him up with two or three buyers, who I might mention committed to buying these speakers. I have e - mailed him several times, and he knows where to find me, as he finds me when he wants to find me. As I stated above, if you need to chase a company in order to buy their product do you really want to buy their product? What will happen if you need a replacement driver three years from now? Hopefully, you will be taken care of.

Again, in now way do I think the Hyperion is not a fabulous sounding, wonderfully finished product. I have been consistent with that opinion since first listen. But, to put them into the same category as the customer service one will get from the likes of Bobby Palkovic, Ralph Karsten, and Kevin Hayes is something I can't bear to remain silent on.
Trelja, I got through to Albert Wu on the third ring to phone number 1-646-262-7027, on Sunday, so if there is someone interested in reaching him at that number, there is hope.
Are you confusing salesmanship with customer service? I am sure from my conversation with Mr. Wu, there was some form of communication slip-up, not a desire to ignore potential purchasers. He is so conservative that he was reluctant to even post in this discussion thread, for fear of offending those who don't like to see manufacturer comments during a member discussion. He has not even posted his latest reviewer favorable comments.
I know his heart is in the right place, and I can't help thinking you have too harsh a view of what happened. Anyway, your point is well taken that each of us looks for respect from those in the industry that we contact, and I am simply conveying to you that this company does respect current, and future customers, to the extent that demos to audio clubs are held, and telephone communication has seemed to be useful, as an email backup.
Ultimately, each Audiogon member has to develop his own comfort level with what represents proper customer service, and there are those quite satisfied with the company's service.
Moderate list pricing for high quality is "a good thing" that this company is offering. Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water.
Thanks Dracule1. Got it. :-)
Srajan Ebaen's review is up on the 6Moons site:

He is very impressed with the 938's. He somewhat intimates that they are very balanced - almost polite/laid back. Did any of you guys find them too laid back?
Trelja, I don't quite know what exactly is your beef with Mr Wu. Mr. Wu actually called me the very same night after you posted your reservations on this board. He was concerned about your post and assured me that I will be getting replacement speakers and should not worry. He gave me his side of what was going on between you and him. There is more to this story than what you lead on. I do not want to get into this argument because it really is not my affair. It is between you and Mr Wu and should not be discussed here.

Regarding Lexus treatment. I had two friend who bought Lexuses that came with defects (driver side rear view mirror not functioning and the other had blinker problems). These were fixed, the cars were not replaced. So no manufacturer are immune from defects. So please do not preach to me about Lexus engineering and treatment. The problems with my speakers are cosmetic that probably happened during customs inspection, not a engineering defect of the speakers.

I am an actual Hyperion customer who actually went through an authorized dealer and bought the speakers. I did not try to chase Mr Wu to buy the speakers as I thought it would be more appropriate to go through a dealer. I have to emphasize that I have received more than fair treatment from this company. This is my experience as a customer who owns Hyperion speakers.
Trelja, I don't know if you have ever personally started a business from the ground-up or not.

If you haven't, let me tell you from personal experience, it was literally a hundred times harder than I ever thought it would be and that was after doing two years of research and writing a very comprehensive business plan.

I think your words of caution are prudent about buying from any new startup, but beyond that, you seem to be hyperventilating a bit.

If the Hyperions are as good a everyone says, relax a little and the principals will probably catch-up once they get past their initial launch. I suspect they have a lot on their plate right now.
When Mr. Wu needed help Trelja was there for him.
Mr. Wu can make up anything he wants to convince you he is a victim. All trelja expects is an e-mail is that so much to ask. Not answering is simply rude. Trelja does not want anything for himself.
Before jumping to conclusions why don't you get the whole story.
Ask me-I was there and know exactly what transpired.
Mr. Wu is an "Authorized dealer".
He is not above a conversation, although I doubt Trelja even wants to speak with this "kind good hearted gentleman" after the way he treated him.
Remember it was Wu asked for asked him directly for permission. It was to his advantage, now he can't bring himself to even send an e-mail.
That certaintly sounds like good business to me.
Well, guys this is really getting out of hand. This thread was initiated to post MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH THE SPEAKERS AND THE COMPANY.

Some of you had a different experience than I with Mr Wu. Trelja and Mechans have a right to post their experiences, but guys we've beaten this one to death. I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction, but it is innappropriate to discuss your problems here to such an extent when Mr Wu is not here to defend himself. And I don't think it is wise for Mr Wu to post here as it will lead to "he said, you said" flame war. As far as I'm concerned, these are personal matters that should be dealt with those parties directly involved, and NOT ON THIS THREAD. Mechans and Trelja if you want to tell me your side of the story you can email me privately.

If people want to know more about these speakers/my system or want to post their experience with these wonderful speakers, please do so. I welcome it. Anything else, please start your own thread.
Fiddler, very well put. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
Tcbannon, the 938s, I found, are very chameleon-like in many ways. If you have a very forward sounding CDP, the 938s will reveal that. The stock philips tube in my CDP is forward and sometimes hard sounding. When I replaced it with an Electroharmonics cryoed tube, the speaker became very laid back and very smooth with better depth and imaging. In some ways, I wish I could retain some of the in your face presentation without the hardness as it sounds more "alive" to me.

My silver cables sounded very hard, grainy, and forward when I first installed them. Now it is smooth as silk, open, and more laid back.

So I really do think it depends on the components you use with the speakers. So select the components to your taste. But when the music calls for dynamics and slam, it can be startling.
Dracule 1
thanks so much for trying to keep the thread to speakers. Regarding your room "boom" :-) Have you tried the DIY tube traps? I had a standing wave in my room and i made 16 tubes and placed them symetrically around mt 13.5' x 18' room. they really work very well and at a fraction of the cost. here is the site with the recipe. Hope it helps your boom.

Let me just say that I have no problem with Albert Wu. At all.

There are those in this thread who are becoming quite defensive about me raising the issue of not being able to get into contact with Hyperion regarding purchasing a few speakers for some folks in my audio group. It's water over the bridge. Just accept what I say is true, and that there are definitive risks in beginning a new venture, but I pointed out that if the company takes off, you are getting one heck of a pair of speakers - at least to my ears. I also want you to understand that there are risks involved, the success rate of high end audio companies tends to be a bit dicey. If you have a problem with this statement, you need to consider your own intestinal fortitude, as you have a problem with honesty.

Albert has e - mailed me already. Again, I have never had any issue with the man, beyond going through a period where I was attempting to submit an order for his product with no response. If things are on track now, that is wonderful. I wish him and the company nothing but the best. If you would really see what my true intent was, it was clearly to perk things up to ensure that your replacement speakers will, in fact, arrive as promised.

I am a part of a startup company, and I know full well the issues involved. It's an effort. But, I will say that we are doing things the right way, as the previous ownership tried to relaunch our company, and ended up screwing a of people out of product and money - myself included. So, if I am more of a watchdog when it comes to a startup company, you can understand why. I can pledge that we are doing everything possible with our own management that ensures that our customers never have even a remote doubt about things on our end.

I wish good luck to Albert, Hyperion, and all of the company's customers. As I said before, you are getting a marvelous sounding, beautifully finished loudspeaker. I am nothing if not a fan.
Thank you Trelja for clearing things up. Hope you get a chance to own and enjoy these speakers.
Oldpet, thanks for the link! I've been wondering how I can build DIY tube traps.
Trelja, bravo! Classy response.
When asked privately about the sound of the HPS 938. This quote is taken directly from the e-mail I sent in response. "If you want truly transparent, exciting, holographic sound, with fast transients, and excellent sound staging its worth the drive."
They are exceptionally good speakers.
But the experiences of some, with the people in this small industry are not irrelevant. Why are there so many posts about this or that company going bankrupt etc.? Or why isn't have I not gotten what I ordered months ago by now? Its not a FLAME war it is simply information.
I have not had any trouble with Albert, but you already have. In your own words "for your troubles" (I presume the photographic documentation you felt was necessary in case of any dispute) of the scratches and chips. You received a damaged pair. You blame the customs inspectors. I would think, that an intelligent person, would have considered other potential reasons. (You appear to be intelligent to me)
I have bought 5 pieces of "high end" equipment within the last 1.5 years, from China. All were in perfect/pristine condition. Like I said its really a small world in high end. I have a friend who is a national distributor for one of the better selling Chinese companies. He is doing a very brisk business (not a competitor in the speaker market.) I can ask him how much damage he experiences.

Finally please accept my congatulations once again, for the fine review. I sincerely wish you have many years of enjoyment to come with your Hyperions. I hope they succeed, after all I was one of the first to pubicly announce via Trelja's report that there was this remarkable new speaker.
When you are given the replacements, would you kindly let us know, it will be reassuring to the people considering buying them. Thank you very much.
Dracule 1,

Did you do some experimenting with the wiring options?
THe 938 can be single ,bi- ,or tri-wired.
Did anyone had the chance to compare them with the Wilson Watt 7 or Von Schweikert vr 4jr?
Greetings from Holland
Hi Ctchen,

Yes I have tried single and biwiring. I prefer the biwiring as it sounds more open to me. I have the biwires going to the midrange and bass unit with jumpers from the midrange to the tweeters.

I heard the VS vr4jr and Hyps at the NY hifi show. I liked the Hyps much better. Just sounds more transparent and more involving to me.

I really haven't had the chance to compare the Watt 7 side by side. I have heard them multiple times in the past at shows and dealer show rooms, and I never really thought they were worth the asking price. There is a guy who sold his Watt 7 after hearing the Hyps though.

Greetings from the US.
Just ordered the HPS 938, can`t waith to have it in my room.
Ctchen, congradulations! What electronics will you be using? I will be posting a follow-up review on the Hyps soon. Made some changes to my integrated amp and few tweaks that has me drooling when I listen to my system now.
I had someone tell me that the Hyperion and the Von S VR 4 jr's sound very simular, is this true? The Hyps and VS VR4jrs definately do not sound the similar by any stretch of the imagination.
How are the Hyps and VR4jrs different? NT
Thanks Dracule 1, my system at this moment: Sony XA 50es used as transport, Monarchy Audio DIP 48/96 Upsampler , Apogee Mini DAc ,, 47 Lab Gaincard , cables are Van den Hul The First Ultimate and 47 lab speakercable. They sound great with my Audio Physic Tempo 3JE.
Ctchen, isn't the 47labs gaincard similar to the audiozone amp? Please let me know how the dimunitive gaincard drives the 938s. I'm also interested in getting a DAC and have considered the Apogee and Benchmark. Any opinions between the two?
IMHO the 938s are more transparent, coherent, and have better inner detail. The VR4jrs seems to extend deeper in the bass when I heard them.
Dracule1, have you received your replacement Hyperions?
Trelja, I can't speak for Dracule1, but I communicated with Albert Wu just this week and there are no new Hyperions available until February.

My suspicions are that Dracule1 won't get a "new" replacement pair until the next production run is completed and shipped.
Dracule 1, THe Audio Zone AMP-1 is a gainclone.
Both are chipamps , but 47lab Gaincard started the hype , thats why the rest are called gainclones(I think).
About the DAC`s ,it`s a difficult choice.
The Benchmark got great reviews in US , but some people here in Holland say , that it`s sounding a litle cold(digital), emotionless.
The APogee let you hear also everything but with more emotion.
One Reviewer ,who tested both ,prefered the APogee because of this reason.
Good News: I received my Hyperions today!
BUt didn`t had time to unpack them, just opened the box: nice pianoblack finish.

Has anyone partnered the 938 with an SET amp?? Is it really easy to drive as noted in 6moons? Thanks.