Review: Hitachi 42HDT20 Video

Category: Home Theater

I have been researching Plasma Screens for over a year and finally settled on the Hitachi 42HDT20. It was awarded the plasma display of the year award by perfect vision magazine in 2002. It is one the brightest and clearest plasma screens I have ever seen. It has an incredible high resolution of 1024X1024 pixels per square inch and is truly an HDTV monitor. The colors are absolutely stunning and just jump out at you. It is a very transparent monitor and is quite revealing of the input signal. HDTV, DVDs, and good quality broadcasts look outstanding on this TV. Hitachi has provided a video control center with an inbuilt deinterlacer and line doubler which scales any input to HDTV levels of 1080 scan lines. Hitachi was very smart in separating all electronics from the display thereby reducing interference and improving picture quality. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a highend plasma display.

Associated gear
Panasonic RP82 DVD/DVD-A Player
Marantz AV560 Processor
Anthem MCA 5 Power Amplifier
Theta Miles CD Player
Sonus Faber Grand Piano main speakers
Sonus Faber Concertino rear speakers
Sonus Faber Piccolo center speaker
All pure silver and gold cables.

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