Review: HeadAmp Gilmore Lite & PS Amplifier

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I purchased this Amp as a temporary set up, to have while I was getting ready to build a custom Tube rig. All the systems I owned were Solid-state source to Tube Amplification. When I listen to this new solid-state amp, (after 10 days=240 hours of burn-in), I was stuck by how neutral the Gilmore is. Very transparent. I was not satisfied with the sound unfortunately. The new (burnt-in) AKG K501's were also very neutral. The mid's were excellent, but the bottom end was not what I wanted for the music I was playing. The music in my main system is Jazz, but for head fi'ing, I mainly listen to my Tom Waits and Pink Floyd collections, along with other Rock music that I grew up with. I switched headphones to the new Senn's HD-595's. I've had the 600's & the 650's both with the Cardas upgrade. I also had a collection of various Grado's including the RS-1's. I like the 595's mid band push, with the 'Infamous' Sennheiser sound.
The change that made this amp really work for me was switching the source to a tube CD player. The sound is like being in the recording engineer's booth. I am not listening to the equipment, I just hear the disc. Of course, we are at the mercy of the recording itself. Be it old or new. And how good the master's are.

Associated gear
Jolida JD-100 Tube(Mullards) CD Player w/ super clock(heavily modified)$2100.

Sennheiser HD-595's.
Custom made interconnects.
Lightspeed 6400 AC filter.
MIT Z power Cords.

Mapleshade Brass footer's & tops + isoblocks and hardwood maple stands.

Dedicated 20 amp power line.
Good mini-review, perceptive re: the Gilmore neutrality. I have a Gilmore Dynahi DIY being built for me now.

You may want to check out, they apparently have a Cardas cable upgrade for the 595's now :-) I have the 650's with Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable, like them a lot. Also have the 595's as well, and I agree with your observation regarding the midband.

Good listening!
Thank you Chams_uk