Review: Harmonic Technology Battery Pack IV for Cyberlight IC Interconnect

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I recently purchased the new battery pack IV for my Cyberlight P2A interconnect cables from HT. If you are using the Cyberlights, I strongly recommend that you consider upgrading to this new battery pack! The version IV battery pack is very cool in that it does not any switches to turn on and off, once you hook it up and plug it in you are done with it! No more remembering to turn on and off the battery for your cables, and no more worrying about runing out of battery power, now the cyberlight cables are just as easy to use as any regular cable without battery. And, it is in a MUCH smaller and lighter package which is much more convenient to use. How could this be true? Ask Jim about the details, but the basic concet as I understand it is that there are actually two batteries in the battery pack, and they automatically alternate back and forth. So as one is being used, the other is charging. All of this is completely transparent to the user, so nothing to worry about or switch, it is all handled automatically inside the very small package.

But the good news doesn't end there! The new battery pack also provided a dramatic improvement in sound in my system! I upgraded from the version III battery pack, and I was not prepared for the improvement I heard, so I was thrilled! In my system I heard improved dynamics, better soundstage, definitely improved bass, seemily everything was more clear and real sounding. I am not expert in articulating all of the subtle improvements in sound quality, sufice it to say the improvement was immediately noticable and significant, not the type of improvement you have to try to listen for to see if it is really there, but the kind of improvement where you immediately say, WOW!

John Axtell

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Dear John,
A most excellent system. Congratulations. As for a phono preamp, if you are willing to limit yourself to one cartridge, with its optimum loading, The Thor Cantatus would be my suggestion. It is a tube phono preamp with separate power supply, It has always been very quiet with no tube noise. The tubes have been left on 24/7 by me and are replace once a year for about $100 or so. Call Paul Marks at Thor Audio, check out their website, I am not a sales rep just a very happy customer.
It has been my intentions to post the exact rave review for a few months now! Thanks for getting my fire lit.
I purchased the new battery pack in Jan.07 and have been just too busy to go on the forum to make mention.
But you have summed up my exact sentiments to a T! I heard the profound improvements of the full sonic spectrum as did yourself, and was not prepared for such audible improvements.
I would have been happy for the simplicity of not having to monitor the on/off/recharge switch situation, but to have such a huge audible impact to be a part of the package was another unexpected icing on the cake!
I really believe these cables(Cyberlights) are one of the most amazing new technologies to emerge in audio in the last few years and the new Cyberlight Batery Pack confirms this even more so. Anyone who owns these cables should run...not
walk, to your nearest dealer for the new MkIV battery pack for the Cyberlights. If you like them now...just wait till you hook-up this bad-boy!
I am sure that when Marja & Henk at get a review sample of the new battery pack...their impressions will more than echo our sentiments.
"I'am out there Jerry and loving every minute of it"!
Thanx Kramer