Review: Harmonic Precision Caravelle Speaker

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This thread is to show pictures of the set-up I didn't have available for the review. Please see my other review for details about the Caravelle. One note to those audiophiles with long preamp to amplifier interconnect leads. May I recommend you start with a $40 dollar investment into 20ft. Horizon brand microphone cables you can purchase at any music store. I was amazed at how good they are sonically. Worth the $40 bucks to try them. As the sales person told me, "They are made in the USA". I left it at that, but appreciated his enthusiasm. I hope this is helpful

Associated gear
Krell KPS-28C CDP
Transparent CAST interconnect to preamp
Krell KCT-Preamp
Krell 750mcx monoblock amps
Sistrum Guitar amplifier stands for monos.
Horizon 20ft microphone cables.
Sonoran Plateau speaker cables.

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Hi there
I Know this is old pics , but i wonder if you still have and still are in liking of these Caravelles
kind regards
Yes, I still think the Caravelle is one of the best monitors for the money and listen to them often at a friend's house. I am in Vegas as I write and listened to many monitors at T.H.E. and CES and I didn't hear anything in the $6k price range that could compete. Totem showed a new 2 way monitor that I enjoyed but I don't know the price. Look for the Caravelle on this site and grab them under $2k.
I still have mine and have done some changes...all simple. Even now more coherent and quiet. Wall to wall soundstage that now has more meat on its bones. The dynamic tension methods on the woofer and crossover...well no one else does that even at a 100k. If I ever change speakers they will be apart as soon as they come home to add this simple dynamic feature. The so called big boy speaker designers don't get it! Oh well. Tom
Tom,What did you change on your Caravelles?
I have had mine since 2006 And still happy.I am in a smaller room now,and no longer use my sub.