Review: Harmonic Precision Caravelle Speaker

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This thread is to show pictures of the set-up I didn't have available for the review. Please see my other review for details about the Caravelle. One note to those audiophiles with long preamp to amplifier interconnect leads. May I recommend you start with a $40 dollar investment into 20ft. Horizon brand microphone cables you can purchase at any music store. I was amazed at how good they are sonically. Worth the $40 bucks to try them. As the sales person told me, "They are made in the USA". I left it at that, but appreciated his enthusiasm. I hope this is helpful

Associated gear
Krell KPS-28C CDP
Transparent CAST interconnect to preamp
Krell KCT-Preamp
Krell 750mcx monoblock amps
Sistrum Guitar amplifier stands for monos.
Horizon 20ft microphone cables.
Sonoran Plateau speaker cables.

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Tom,What did you change on your Caravelles?
I have had mine since 2006 And still happy.I am in a smaller room now,and no longer use my sub.