Review: Harman Kardon Signature 2.1 Multichamp

Category: Amplifiers

This is one incredible 5 channel amp. No wonder you seldom see one for sale. If you do give it a try. I am glad I did. This amp unlike other mosfett amps will never run hot. Unlike, the B&K and Parasound amps I owned in the past. I have only used this amp in a biamped configuration, using 4 channels. My Paradigm Reference speakers never sounded this good. The sound from the Signature is a bit on the warm side, but just perfect for Jazz. Since, trumpets on some amps can be too bright. As for powerful, this amazing amp will definitely make any hometheater come to life. As you can see I won't be in a hurry to list my Signature.

Associated gear
Nec 6X Rom, Denon 3803

Similar products
Parasound, Marantz
I agree, I originally purchased this amp for a home theater set up some time ago. After making the switch to a two channel set up I intended to sell it for money towards a two channel amp. Keeping the Sig 2.1 on hand for comparisons against Adcom and Rotel from a local dealer I ended up keeping the Sig 2.1 because I thought it sounded better. Better bass and a smoother treble. Perhaps it was because I was used to the sound but in critical listening tests it came out on top so I kept it. It's a quality amp that has performed flawlessly since I purchased it.

However I am a home theater enthusiast turned audiophile and I am constantly looking for improvements. I now find myself constantly searching the Audiogon amplifier listings considering an upgrade. Maybe a McCormack or Pass, might even try tubes...who knows.