Review : Gueray DVD-H202 Dvd Player plus Audiocrast A52 Stereo IC plus Classic System

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
March 2021 Issue

Gueray DVD-H202 DVD player plus Audiocrast A52 stereo interconnect

Today we are going to be looking at an inexpensive dvd player and interconnect that can be purchased from for under $30 each. I will be reviewing these two bargains in a classic system consisting of the NAD 310 integrated amp and Goodmans Maxim II bookshelf speakers. I will be using Target speaker stands with Dayton Audio pre-made speaker cables. The system is plugged into a Supra power strip connected with Audiomagic Xstream power cord. RCA noisestoppers were used on the NAD amp. 

The Gueray is small at about 9 X 9 X 2 inches. The build quality and finish are excellent. The only thing cheesy about this DVD player is the price. With a low price projector, you can get a vibrant and three dimensional picture quality depending on quality of disc. For example, check out "Honey I Shrunk The Kids". This movie will show you what the Gueray is capable of. It shows an extremely vivid picture with a wide array of colors. Even without a projector screen , i was able to get a very nice picture.The sound is good enough for most people to enjoy, but an audiophile would probably not consider this for their main system.  Unfortunately the sound is not upgradeable , as there is no digital audio connections. No Bluray either. 
But if you are just looking for a simple dvd player with good sound and excellent picture this is your ticket. 

I was impressed with the Audiocrast A52 stereo interconnect. This interconnect is more than just window dressing, it sounds good too. This cable uses 20 core 0.1 mm silver plated OFC copper and the rca connectors are finished superbly.
Use the Audiocrast with the Gueray player and you will have a nice inexpensive front-end for your stereo system. With this combination i was able to get a near tube-like sound that came close to my inexpensive tube amps. It was maybe slightly drier in the mid range and highs and perhaps a little less colorful.

I recently discovered an artist named David Arnay who came out with a brilliant combination of jazz tunes on a cd titled, "8".
The last two tracks on this cd are my favorite. Number 7 titled, "Six Of One", and track number 8 titled, "Dream Groove".
Track number 7 had a  colorful rhythmic sound. The highs had a polished silvery sheen. That is one of the traits i like in a stereo system. During the drum solo i heard a little bit of skin texture. Moving to track 8 i noticed that the percussion had a little bit of an organic woody sound. The drums did not go deep, probably because the speakers don't do bass or dynamics well. I liked the interplay between the trumpet and the trombone. 

Ok, so far , so good. Let's go ahead and see how female vocalists fare. I always liked the voice of Toni Tennille, so i dug up the Captain and Tennille Icon cd and listened to "Muskrat Love". The vocals had a slightly nuanced character and her emotions were easy to read. The bass coming from the left speaker was fairly tight sounding. 

Next up, let's listen to Under The Milky Way, The Best Of The Church,  Track number 1 , "The Unguarded Moment".
Here i noticed a really clean sound with detailed highs. The bass was very satisfying considering the size of the speaker box. The bass was both thumpy and tight. I also noticed a little bass density on this song. All the songs on this cd are great, but i especially like track number 3 , "Tear It All Away". I like the way the cymbals fade out on this song. The percussion at the beginning of the song sounded a little like my tube amp, only less pronounced.

Here we have two bargains for the audiophile on a shoestring budget. I would highly recommend both the Gueray dvd player and the Audiocrast interconnects. Both are well built products that will increase your enjoyment of both movies and music.