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I first heard of Grover Huffman from a fellow ‘Gon member whom highly recommended that I contact him in my search to upgrade my Reference RC Audio speaker cables. My system is SS consisting of:
CAP 151, ARC CD2 and Apogee Slant 6 Speakers. IC is RSA Poeima Signature, PCs; Cryo Parts Beast (CAP 151) and Locus Design Pole Star (ARC) and supporting the CD 2 is Bright Star Air Mass/Big Rock 3 & Big Rock 3 under the CAP 151.
My goals to replace my cables were to achieve neutrality, big, deep and wide sound staging. My musical tastes are soft rock but I do listen to everything and expect to hear all the details contained in the presentation.
Grover’s Silver Ribbons (that’s what I have named them) are an exceptional fit in my system and Grover has also told me that they are fine mate with tubes (as his system is built around). I used Megan Slankard & Thomas Dolby as my reference recordings to review with and the music I hear from them is so satisfying I still can’t believe it.
From Thomas Dolby’s “Blinded by Science” his opening cut has a great sense of aire; width and depth are very focused as well as wide and deep. Dolby’s voice is nicely relaxed and layering excellent. On the song “Weightless” the electronic piano sparkles, My Apogees present an exceptional stage but now with the Silver Ribbons they wring even more from them, the Slants will provide you height info but the Silver Ribbons take that even farther, providing musical impressions that extend above the speakers and extension lower that lower that was available before with excellent smoothness, my notes read…. Depth, depth, depth, layers, layers, layers! An excellent example of detail is on “Wind power” with the conclusion of the song providing a weather report, the words are distinct and unsmeared very distinguishable.
From Meagan Slankard’s “Freaky Little Story” Megan’s acoustic guitar on “Sincerely Mr. T” again is very natural, you can hear the gentle reverb of the wood body as well as the pick scraping the strings as she plays, extension is huge strength of these wires and very well exhibited by the electric bass on this cut and tightness of the notes. On “Damn You” Meagn’s unique voice cartelistic shine thru her gentle voice in the presentation of aire and distinctive flexation of her vocals forward and fading from the mike, additionally the change from soft strumming to heavier string impact is clear, defined and strong. On “Dirty Skies” you have exemplified decay as the song concludes. On cut #5 “Tattoo” the gentle sound of the wood bass and its extension just exemplifies the resolution and the naturalness of not only the female voice but with bass drum hits that are tight and punchy.
I don’t find anything that these speaker cables show as a weakness other than a high price. Grover’s Silver Ribbons don’t hide the delicacy hide in the music, no matter what the music is they add strength and cohesiveness to a system but, revel any hardness smearing or recorded short coming.

Strengths: wide deep soundstage and exceptional extension and speed, neutrality and excellent balance.
Weakness; None.

Associated gear
Classe CAp151
Apogee Slant 6
RSA Poeima Signiture IC
Cryo Parts Beast Pc
Locus Designs Polestar Pc
Bright Star Air MAss
Bright Star Big Rock 3s
RC Audio Reference

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What price range are we talking here?

Normally Grover's cables are priced very reasonably.
I've been lstening to Grover's Silver Ribbons for some time now and I have to apologize for saying that the price was high becuse it IS NOT. The price for my runs in bi-wire were very VERY reasonable and have presented neutrality and detail for me in every listening session with Zero atrifact additions. Grover I have wanted to write you again and again to Thank you for an outstanding product that more than delivers beyond anything you could ever promise for FAR LESS than the "Big Boys" and thier big prices, it is an absolute delight to not only have these in my system but to spread word of thier performance to price improvements. The highest recommendation.
i too own a pair of grovers ultimate silver ribbons.

a very nice cable which i purchased in feb 2005......and an absolute bargain....

when it was in my main system(which includes tubes), i preferred it over the cardas golden hexlink, and yamamura 5000, as it gave me a blend of what both of these cables did, and that was what i was looking for.....about 4 months ago (may 2006) i replaced these with goertz ag2.....everything the grovers did the ag2 did also, but added clarity, transparency, and better bass defintion (not more bass, something the cardas did too much of for me in my system)...and the goertz let me hear more of how something was played, as this was also very important to my wife, a musician.

where are the grover's now? my bedroom system, hooked up to a tripath t- amp, and old('60s) hi efficiency jensen coaxial 10 inch speakers, sounding stunning.....