Review: Green Mountain Audio Europa Monitor

Category: Speakers

My last posting was after they first arrived; having swapped them for a pair of Legacy Studios. I have logged about 10 hours on the Europas, place them atop some sturdy 24" stands and am now glad that the Studios are fading in my rear view mirror. Somewhere in the 5-10 hour range a change took place and they began to sound sweeter. Great soudstage and they just disappear. What will the next 190 hours of prescribed break-in bring? Stay tuned. For the money; you just have to buy these speakers.

Associated gear
B&k AVR202
Denon DVD2800
Signal cables throughout

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you think they sound good now!...wait until you get 500 hours on them.....then you will say holy __--_-___,
and finally after 1000 will be amazed!!!