Review: GRADO SR60 headphones

Category: Accessories

I have owned a pair of Grado SR60 headphones for about three years. I paid $60 for them new. They are a great pair of headphones. Hard to beat for the money. They have detailed highs, a nice midrange, and OK bass. My only complaint about them is their headband which is uncomfortble when worn for an extended time. My JVC headphones(JVC HA-D990) cannot match them in sound quality. The JVC's midrange sounds more recessed. The JVC's do however have have more bass(maybe because they are an ear muff style that seals around your ear). Plus, the JVC's headband is more comfortable. However, I almost always pick the Grados to listen to.

Associated gear
NAD 705 receiver. Magnavox CD player.

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I also own a pair of JVC HA-D990 headphones($150 list price).
Try this link for comfort issues??
This is probably way too late of a response for this, but in addition to the bigger pads you can bend the headgear so the ear pieces are not so close together at rest. I have done this with mine and I am able to wear them all day without my ears starting to ache.