Review: Genesis Technologies APM-1 Speaker

Category: Speakers

Purchased the APM-1s on Audiogon about a year ago and they just keep getting better. Open soundstage, wonderful presence and great depth. The highs started off a bit harsh, but have sweetend with time. Bass is handled by a powered subwoofer and lower midranges. It is tight and smooth. My musical taste runs from Classical to blues to jazz to new age to classic rock to heavy metal and 1970s punk. All sound wonderful...especially classical and blues. Recently purchased some older jazz (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc.) fantastic results.

My only problem is that my listening position is not as far from the speakers as I would like it to be. The APM-1s are large and suggestion...get rid of the speaker covers on the front. The beauty of the components, but even more importantly, the sound comes out.

If you own or purchase....enjoy.


Associated gear
Adcom Amp and Preamp, Linn CD Player, upgraded power cables, Kimber and Tara labs interconnects.

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I own the Genesis 6.1's an updated version of the APM. The biggest difference besides the cabinet is the 6.1 uses 2 12" woofers (the same one as the 1.1) instead of the single 15" woofer on the APM, and the new servo amp is much more reliable. If you have had problems with the APM sub amp the new one is a great replacement, and all the drivers are avalable from the newly reborn Genesis in Seattle (206) 789-3400 I alwaws talk to Sean as I met him when he worked at Premier Audio. The sound of the Genesis speakers is Soooo rich, clear, vivid, ... (No I don't sell them or work for them) I am in heaven when I am home listening to them.