Review: Gearit Pro Series 14 AWG speaker cable

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May 2017 Issue

Mr. Gearit is one smooth operator

I discovered a brand of speaker cable named Gearit that sounds excellent with vintage stereo gear. They have a various assortment of speaker cable in different lengths, gauges and colors. The one i bought from Amazon and the one i will be reviewing today is the Gearit Pro Series 14 AWG 50 foot speaker cable. This particular roll of speaker cable sells for around $ 12. The color is white and it has an attractive blue line to mark polarity. The cable is not particularly thick, however it seems very rugged and durable. 

I have often heard it said that audiophiles prefer pure copper wire. The Gearit cable is made from copper clad aluminum. I like to listen before i judge, and i can tell you that this cable is just as good or maybe better than any inexpensive pure copper cable i have tried. For this review i will be using a vintage 1970's stereo receiver and some modern Yamaha tower speakers along with a vintage Yamaha cd player. I will be listening to a Joni Mitchell masterpiece titled, "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter". 

So let's start with an excellent song titled, "Paprika Plains". This song is 16 minutes and 21 seconds long. The piano notes had excellent harmonics with good sustain of the notes as well as a strong sound with pretty good weight. The vocals had very good clarity and appeared to be dead neutral. Transparency was excellent.  Dynamic shifts were excellent and i noticed slight variances in tonal color. The bass drums were impressive considering the small size of the woofers in the Yamaha tower speakers. An excellent song for sure!

Track number 7, "Dreamland", is also one of my favorite songs on this cd.  The sound seemed pretty natural and organic. The bass drum was tight and the "shakers" had good density. The "sandpaper blocks" were very convincing. I would have liked a little more extension in the highs, but this might be reflective of the limits of my vintage stereo gear. 

So, audiophiles, don't be afraid of trying CCA or copper clad aluminum speaker cable or dismiss without even trying it. Gearit has made an excellent implantation of this technology and it surprised me delivering excellent sound. Thin, easy to terminate and very durable with excellent sound is the reason i am giving Gearit speaker cable the "i demand that you buy it!" , award. Congratulations. 

Associated Equipment 

1970's vintage stereo receiver
Vintage Yamaha cd player
Modern Yamaha tower speakers with itsy bitsy woofers
Kimber PBJ interconnect
Thanks Honda. I always find your reviews of inexpensive, and sometimes obscure (like this one) gear refreshing and informative.
Nice one. Looking forward to more of your reviews, pal