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Mid June 2013 issue

A note from the editor: Larry my senior reviewer will not be with us today, as he suffered numerous injuries when he tripped over a mapleshade cable lift, and landed face first onto a Shakti stone.

Most audiophiles are familiar with gallo acoustics speakers which are well known in audiophile circles. However, you are not aware that they also make very high quality speaker cables and sell them on their online website. How much do these audiophile quality speaker cables sell for you are asking me? Believe it or not you can get a 100 foot reel of bulk cable for only $36.00! This is not your ordinary everyday stranded speaker cable , this is high tech solid core exotica. This is eighteen gauge solid core 2 conductor wire wrapped in a sleek black jacket that you can bend and shape to your desire. One of the reasons I love the gallo acoustics speaker wire, is that it is very easy to terminate to vintage amps and speakers. I would like to add a very specific recommendation for audiophiles who dabble in t-amps and vintage gear. Of course, it is also excellent with modern gear. The other reason I like this cable is because of it's sound, or lack thereof.

The first song on Carlos Santana's divine light recording is titled, "Angel of air", and when you listen to it you will understand why. On this selection I heard very good width and depth and a very airy sound. The bass sounds big.
There is a slight hint of a golden hue in the highs. I noticed an openness in the width as well as height which gave the music a "livelier" presentation. The sound stage also sounds "lit up", as if someone had opened the ceiling and beamed light down into the sound stage. I noted good solidity to the highs as well as a pretty clean sound. Shortly before the chanting, when the rhythm starts to change you can hear a "tunnel effect" of air at the left side of the sound stage. At the end the chanting, vocals have a little bit of a three dimensional effect.

Cassandra Wilson is one of my favorite jazz artists and I chose her traveling miles recording in order to confirm the merits of this excellent , but cheap speaker cable. Track six is titled "seven steps". On this selection I noticed a neutral and cohesive sound. The music was fairly pure and liquid sounding. The piano showed very good weight and accuracy. The vocals seemed to be a little fuller and also, there seemed to be more body to the instruments. The instruments also seemed a little physically bigger. Overall , the sound is pretty smooth, clear and tight sounding.

I find Frank Sinatra to be very fun and relaxing to listen to. "Songs for swingin' lovers is a good place to start when choosing which of his Cd's to buy. Track ten titled, "I thought about you", has a nice open sound with slight depth. Sinatra sounds age appropriated for this particular vintage. I noticed that the horns have a nice "bite" to them without becoming too harsh. The tonal color was pretty good.


clean and clear
makes your amp seem a little more powerful
excellent with t-amps and vintage gear
excellent bass control
very good tonal color
increased musicality
adds a little body to the sound
livelier presentation - more openness in the width/height
good sense of presence
good frequency extension

This has got to be the steal of the century in speaker cables. Thirty six bones and you have enough to wire a whole surround sound system! Dabblers in vintage gear and t-amps , take notice, you will love what this cable can do for you! Highly recommended, and I demand that you buy some!

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