Review : FX-Audio FX202A Pro mini amp with Gotham 85025 DIY power cord

Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
December 2020 Issue

Fx-Audio FX202A Pro mini amp plus Gotham 85025 power cord

FX-Audio is one of my favorite mini size audio manufacturers, and the FX202A Pro mini amp is one of the reasons why. 
They consistently make attractive, good performing audio equipment at reasonable prices. Today i will be reviewing this amp as well as a high quality Gotham DIY power cord.

     The listed specifications for the FX Audio amp is 2 x 40 watts into 8 ohms. This amp can be used with a DC power supply rated between 12 and 24 volts. For my review i used an Indeed 12 volt power supply plugged into the Gotham power cord plugged straight into the wall. The performance exceeded my expectations, especially in the bass arena when used with the Pioneer SP-BS21 bookshelf speakers. 

     The Gotham power cord is made from 14 AWG cable that uses Reussen shielding and conductive separation layer that protects from hum and RF noise generated by the 50 HZ signal going through the power supply cable. My cable was terminated with Hubbell and Schurter 4782 connectors. The DIY cost is under $50 , or you can by them assembled for more money. 

The David Bowie, No Plan Ep cd showed me what this little system is capable of. The opening song, "Lazarus", for instance, had a hard, dense and dry bass that was very convincing. Vocals were slightly open sounding and the highs were non-fatiguing, if a little bit rolled off. The volume knob was at 12 o' clock when listening to this song. 

I also liked the punchy bass that appeared on the song , "Let Your Feelings Show", by Earth, Wind and Fire from the I Am cd. The sound was clear and smooth. I compared the song, "Boogie Wonderland", with this system and a more expensive system and i thought it was lacking a little definition and extension in the highs, but other than that it sounded good. 

I like playing with small class D amps, and FX-Audio is a wonderful place to start. Pair it with a good entry level power cord like the Gotham and a small pair of speakers and you will have a nice system to show all your friends. Recommended. 

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