Review: Fritz Carrera BE speakers

I posted this on a different forum but thought I would copy my post here on Audiogon since Fritz sometimes sells his speakers here.


I have owned my Fritz Carrera BE speakers for a while so I thought I would share my opinions to others who may be considering a speaker purchase. First off, I have to say that Fritz is one of the nicest and most humble guys I have met in the audio manufacturer world. Even if his speakers were not as superb as they are, you would feel good about supporting Fritz because he is one of the "good" guys.

I became aware of the Fritz speakers after reading a review on 10 Audio. Knowing Jerry and how his audio preferences often align with mine, I decided to contact Fritz about purchasing a pair of his Carrera BE speakers. The Fritz speakers were replacing open baffle speakers I had in my system for several years, so going to a monitor speaker concerned me since that was a big shift from the "open baffle" sound to which I had become accustomed.

I got the Fritz Carrera BE speakers in striped ebony finish. When I unpacked the speakers I was impressed by the solid cabinets and the simple elegance. The speakers weigh a lot for their size, so I assume that is because of the internal bracing and construction. The veneer is furniture grade finish and blended in well with my cherry and rosewood components elsewhere in my system.

I have had the speakers for more than a year now so I am past the honeymoon period and plan to hang on to them for a long time. The speakers are balanced from top to bottom, and go respectably low given their size. I would estimate the cutoff around 40 Hz with the rear porting. You could listen to them without a subwoofer for the majority of music, but I chose to run them with a pair of Sumiko S.9 subs that fill in the lowest registers.

How would I describe their sound? In a few words: musical, balanced, tonally correct, and truthful. They retain the qualities of sounding live like open baffle speakers, yet have the imaging that is strength of monitor speakers.

I love how the Fritz speakers sound and would recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a well-made and excellent sounding pair of monitor speakers that are well priced for the quality they offer. I am not affiliated with Fritz speakers, just an admirer of his work.

Interesting post. I've been intrigued by Fritz speakers. Almost pulled the trigger on some Carbon 7s at one point. What OB speakers did you have?
I had Emerald Physics CS 2.7 (original design) speakers. Before that I owned CS 2.3 and CS 2 speakers and thought I would never move away from OB speakers. The CS 2.7 speakers sounded great, but were too large for my room and my wife asked if there was a smaller speaker that would sound good and be a smaller form factor.

I feel like I did not loose anything as far as the realistic live sound by moving to Fritz speakers, and I gained slightly better imaging that monitors are known to excel at.
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Fritz dropped off a pair of his Fritz Carrera BE speakers for me to hear,  and I am trying not to give them back to him now. They honestly sound THAT good with Audio Note's least expensive integrated amp, the Oto SE. Onlt 10 wpc, and a truly splendid match.

If anyone would like to hear this combo for themselves, get my tel number from my website, call for an appointment, and come visit. Absolutely no pressure to buy anything. Just some music listening.
I too am smitten by the sound of Fritz Cararra 7 BE speakers. I like them so much, I just put my Legacy Audio FOCUS SE towers up for sale! I've been a Legacy Audio FOCUS owner for over 18 years, but the Cararra BEs have much better top to bottom integration in my new small California listening room.
I've been reading reviews on the Paradigm Persona B speakers and I'm wondering how well the Fritz Carrera BE might stack up against it.  Will the Fritz speakers play loud like the Paradigms apparently will?  Is the midrange on the Fritz speakers up to par?  I do occasionally like to play some loud rock and roll and would augment the bottom end of any monitor speaker with a couple of Rythmik F12 subs.  I've never heard either of these monitors, but having owned Paradigm Signature series speakers I'm inclined to believe I would like the Persona B.  If I could get most of what they probably offer at half the price by opting for the Fritz Carrera BE I would be thrilled.  Has anyone heard both of them?
...2000 years later

I had the Paradigm Signature 2 V.3’s with a Classe CA200, Parasound Z Dac, lightspeed attenuator and loved that set-up!  Just fantastic.  But, I am auditioning the Carrera BE’s right now with an Anthem I225 and Bluesound node and have to say that the Carreras sound better to me.  The Carrrra BE’s are more musical, full and warm than the Sigs.  I think the Personas are great, and quite beautiful as well.  Completely different sound from the Carrera BE’s.  I would say the Personas are more resolving and detailed at the expense of warmth and musicality.  I may try to take the Carreras to my local shop and compare them to some personas, just for fun.  
Anyhow, the Carrera BE’s are a phenomenal speaker for the money if you are looking for a warm sounding, full bodied, refined sounding monitor for $3500.  
And yes, the Carreras play loud and more importantly, sound really good loud.  They don’t compress in sound and they stay very clean sounding.  They always gave me the impression like they aren’t even breaking a sweat and there was still plenty more.  This was at 100 db’s, averaging 95 db’s.  This is too loud by the way, if you value your hearing!  And the midrange on the speakers is really open and clear.  Very natural and organic sounding.  Highly recommended!