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November 2015 Issue

Kimber, Shunyata, Nordost, Audioquest, Forza ....

Larry stormed into my office the other day and started rattling off names of high-end audio interconnect manufacturers. Kimber, Shunyata, Nordost, Audioquest, and Forza. Whoa, hold on a minute , Larry, i have never heard of a brand named Forza! Larry looked at me with a gleam in his eyes, and said, "Forza is one of the best manufacturers of inexpensive cables, and we are going to review their top of the line model, the Forza 700 series audio interconnect." Larry also said,"we are going to put Forza on the audiophile road map!"

The Forza 700 series audio interconnects are available on from seller KDProTools. The price is $5 plus $5.49 shipping. This is a buy one get one free sale, so you are getting 2 pairs of interconnects. Sporting such audiophile niceties as 99.99% OFHC conductors and nitrogen-injected PE dielectric , as well as double shielding and
diagonal-cut rca terminations, you are getting a well made and excellent performing interconnect. The Forza cable is 3 meters in length , allowing plenty of flexibility for the placement of your stereo gear. The job of an interconnect is to transfer the full signal without subtraction , and i think the Forza comes close to this ideal. I noted very good frequency response, musicality and tonal color, as well as very good detail retrieval. Fans of tube amps and jazz are going to love this interconnect!

Reference Discs

1. Daft Punk, Random Access Memories, track #7, "touch."
2. Andrew Hill, Time Lines, track #8, "Malachi."
3. Sonny Rollins, Whats New?, track #5, "Brownskin Girl."

The beginning of Daft Punk, "touch", sounds like you are inside a tunnel and wind is blowing in. I noticed moderate depth and a very good sense of width, imaging well outside either side of the speakers. Drums are well defined but not particularly deep. Vocals are clear and emotional with good detail. You can imagine the singers lips moving.

"Malachi", from Andrew Hills' Time lines cd is an amazing solo piano performance. On this track i noticed excellent sustain of the piano note. The piano sounded big and dynamic. Tonal color was good. There was also a good sense of refinement and a little bit of warmth to the sound. Detail was also very good. At the end of the song you can hear the artist sniff.

"Brownskin Girl" from the Sonny Rollins cd is a fun song with a little bit of a "Calypso" flavor. While listening to this i noticed a good sense of body to the instruments and singers. The sax showed good tone and a slight sense of vibrancy. Rhythm and timing seemed quick and snappy.

The Forza 700 series interconnect is an excellent starter cable for the audiophile on a budget. With excellent construction and sound for very little money i feel that this very fairly priced interconnect deserves some audiophile recognition. I don't think it would be out of place in an audio salon priced at $50 a pair. So, with great enthusiasm i highly recommend this interconnect and i am going to give it the highly esteemed ,"I demand that you buy it", award!

Associated gear
Fatman Itube valve amp
Fatman speaker cables
Denon DVD-1000
Madisound Vifa studio kit speakers
Atacama speaker stands
Audiomagic Xstream power cord

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