Review: Forty Seven Labs 4715 Shigaraki DA converter

Category: Digital

I listen to most kinds of music; jazz, latin jazz,classic + alt rock, alt country, ancient baroque + classical music.
I am definitely into the more musical sounding equipment than the analytical hi-fi, that means to me- realism + presence; tone, pace and rythm, fluidity, yet detailed, as opposed to the 'deconstructed and represented' sound of a lot of high end, the although impressive can be sterile, and ultimately boring. I have had the shigaraki dac in my system for a month. Very quickly it became evident that the sound of the dac is closer to analogue than typical digital, that is the sound of a more coherent 'wave of music' the basslines were more easily discernable through complex passages, especially in classical music. the top is less agressive sounding. it made me connect better not only with the performance but with the musical idea propelling the musicicans. This is more noticable in classical pieces, the coounterpoint in baroque was much more clear and consistent- I relize now without the dac the lower tones would nearly dissapear in complex passages loosing the musical fluidity that the composer intended. Soloists became less propped up sounding, merely coming into focus in a more natural way. Harsh CDs lost some of the edge that they had without the dac. Highly processed pop music had less of this positive effect, so did harsher rock music, these might sound less aggressive and detailed than the original 777ES did. If your musical taste is more in the classical and jazz, acoustic and unadultered recrdings, things this is a highly recommended piece of equipment. I have returned to classical music with renewed interest thanks to a more engaging and 'linear' element in the signal path.

Associated gear
Sony SACD 777 ES
Fi Y
Fi X w/Magnequest OPT upgrade
Lowther Medallions w/ PM2a driver
NBS Monitor 4 speaker cables + Interconnects
Jena Labs Digital cable 777Es to DAC

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I fully agree with your appraisal of this DAC. Coupled with the Siragaki transport and Gaincard amps there is a great deal of communicative ability here.