Review: FIM (First Impression Music) Gold Speaker cable

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The FIM Gold is the best cable I've heard. Keywords to describe it are natural and musical. It's detailed and revaealing, utterly transparent and yet not overly so. Overall, the presentation of the music is effortless. The cable took at least a week to 'settle in', but once it did, my system gave me shivers down my spine. Even my girlfriend was shocked at the difference and was in awe. We listened to music for hours - I rediscovered a lot of my CDs.

I ended up having to sell the cable (which I got used anyway) because I was job hunting and couldn't afford the luxary. However, now I'm gainfully employed again, I'm shopping again for the FIM. I've listened to Valhalla, but in another system, so I can't really compare. I'd say it's close - my impression is that both are awesome, but a little different. Personal taste and system synergy may dictate the winner.

Associated gear
Audio Physic Virgo II
Sonic Frontiers Line III

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I agree, have owned the FIM for some time and have compared to the Valhalla, IMS the FIM is very transparent, detailed, musical, opened soundstage with depth and width and produces tight bass and midbass. At 50% off retail cost, these were a bargain compared to the Valhalla at double the cost. These are special cables, really overlooked by many.
Hey John, love those cables! It took about two weeks for them to settle in. The level of detail, dark background, low noise floor, and clarity of the bass is superb. However, it's quite the workout hooking the cables up. They are stiff!!! After numerous cable swapping, buying and trying, I feel the FIM Gold's are the best I've heard in my system. I haven't heard the Vahalla's in my system (yet), but I wonder just how much better, if at all, they could be?

"Music is in the ears of the beholder"