Review: Expressimo Audio Half Moon Heavyweight Tweak

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After reading some great reviews I took the plunge & bought the Half Moon Heavyweight brass arm weight by Expressimo Audio from Brian, the owner, to replace the generic Rega RB250 arm weight & plastic stub. It has smaller secondary threaded weights for very fine VTF adjustments.

I'm new to the arm weight changing game, but all I can say is this has made the greatest positive difference to my system, other than upgrading speakers, of any component change I've ever undertaken, much more noticeable than any electronic or cable change. Because I had no idea how great or otherwise the change would be, & knowing the audio memory is short, I decided I'd record some LPs using both the Rega & the Half Moon weight, for quick & easy comparison, to a Korg DSD recorder at 5.6 million samples per second. I recorded the tracks with the Rega weight, then swapped to the Expressimo weight & brass stub.

Instantly, with the weight at the stylus of the Shelter 501 mk 11 cartridge the same, 1.88 grams, the improvement was profound. Much greater lateral & depth of image, more focussed midrange, sweeter & more extended highs, tighter bass with no less extension. Just amazing. I listened for hours, unable to stop. The Earthworks Sigma 6.2 speakers, already imaging champs, just about disappeared. Vocalists were right in front of me, in a way I'd never heard, almost holographic. Records I'd been listening to for decades were transformed & yielded new details.

I can't find anything but praise for this product. Expressimo Audio appears to be a one man operation, & Brian Calaio is a good guy. He makes some amazing looking tables too. I'm in Sydney, so was dealing with him by email. At times he misunderstood what I thought were perfectly clear communications, which was frustrating, but we got there. I'd encourage anyone who loves vinyl to check out Expressimo Audio of New Hampshire.

Associated gear
Nottingham Analogue Horizon turntable, Rega RB250 arm.
Hi there - I'm in Sydney too. Was thinking about one of these for my Rega Planar 2. Would you recommend it? Have you tried any others?
I haven't tried any others, & frankly don't want to get sucked into the vortex of doing so. I took a punt with this product & kicked a goal. I can't imagine you being disappointed.

Where did you find your Earthworks Sigma 6.2 speakers. I am desperate for a pair!!!!