REVIEW: Essence®gZero Speaker & Interconnect Cable

I've just finished reviewing the Essence®gZero2 Speaker cables and the Essence®gZero3 Interconnect from KLE Innovations - the company that brought the Eichmann Bullet RCA's to market.

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The gZero2 Speaker cables are pretty thin (i.e. physically) and had me wondering just how good they were - most thin cables lack bass. It took just one track to show just how good these cables are - after a 24 hour burn in the bass actually got deeper.

These cables are articulate, dynamic and very spacious, not only widening the image but also made it significantly deeper as well.

My favourite test tracks are pipe organ, mainly because of the incredible details, dynamics and depth, which can tax most speaker cables. These however, had no problem dealing with the very detailed and deep bass line as well as seperating the various layers of pipes in play at any point in time.

Next up was the Essence®gZero3 Interconnect. I already had the KLEI Silver Harmony RCA's on my Stager Silver Solids interconnects, which were a considerable improvement over the Eichmann Silver Bullet that they replaced.

The Essence®gZero3 Interconnect is also equipped with the KLEI Silver Harmony RCA's as standard, so this was definitely a test of the KLEI ground zero architecture employed in the cables construction.

With this cable, the differences between it and my Stager's were more subtle, but none the less very pleasing. It was not that I could detect vast improvement in dynamics, details, highs or bass performance, but what did stand out is their ability to convey the acoustics of the venue and the positioning of the instruments in such a detailed manner that it was as if I was enveloped into the recording.

And it was not only live recordings that exhibit this particular experience, but most other well recorded tracks also.

It's the closest thing to "being there" that I have experience on ANY system.

This is the most I've ever spent on cables in my life, but that's because these cables are the best I've heard - EVER!

Give them a try - I bet, like me, you don't send them back :-)

How much are the speaker cables?
Schubert - $350 for 2 meter + $50 each additional 1/2 meter

All prices in australian $