REVIEW: Einstein Turntables Choice

I've been playing records for 40+ years and with moving coils for 20 of them. Finally got around to low output moving coils and got a Nova Phenomena battery powered phono pre amp. Excellent. Then added a PS audio GCPH which was just as good only a bit more dramatic. The Nottingham 294 with Dynavector 17D3 sounded good but I thought I could do better then got a chance to get an Einstein Turntables Choice. This unit put me up about 10 levels. The dynamics took on a reality that was astounding. Real instruments in a real space pinpointed. True bass - quick,tight and deep. Beautiful, delicate treble. A whole nother world.
I had the single ended version of the Einstein Turntable Choice in my own system a few years ago when I was testing phono stages.

I understand your enthusiasm, it is a very fine phono.

Later I tested the XLR version thinking it would be even better, but it did not have the same magic. To this day I don't know if it was difference in age (break in) or perhaps the two designs just sound that different.

In any case the Einstein is a high end, high performance bargain. Every time I see one on the used market I'm tempted.