Review: E A D CD-1000 mkIII CD Player

Category: Digital

After many hours of research into the wonderful world of CD players, I finally selected the EAD CD-1000 III. I had listened to many models up to and around the $1000 range as new, and finally decided to go bargain hunting in the used market. I needed a player that was simple to use, had a refined look, and most of all, would let you hear music like you had never heard it before.
The EAD is meant to be a Christmas gift to my parents this year, and will be the heart of the system that I am putting together for them. Although they have many cd's, they currently play them through a $49 boombox, which has got to go. I purchased this in spanking brand new condition for $700. As this was by auction, I was granted a guarantee of refund, should the player not suit me. I have been listening to a Mccormack Signature player for 4 months, which I felt was a tremendous upgrade from my previous player. Another bargain buy that perhaps was not much of a bargain. Anyway, I set up the EAD CD-1000 III and readied myself for the worst.
The bass was much tighter. The definition...oh that definition. I could now here the vibrations of the guitar strings. Words that were not easily understood before were presented clearly. And highs danced around the room, instead of confining themselves around the speakers. I listened to music ranging from the Beatles 'Blue' album, Backyard Birds (real outdoor scenarios), and Bee Gees best of--disc Symphony on the green, Boston Pops, and Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here'. My tastes vary widely, or to some, WILDLY, and finally I had found a player that could reproduce all of what I like to my satisfaction and beyond. By this, I know that the EAD will present the Pop and Instrumentals that my parents gravitate towards with grandeur and addiction. The biggest drawback that I found with the new players that I auditioned was that they seemed to play a particular type or types of music well, but were not acceptable in all types.
Well, not much to say about the Mccormack, as it lost this one on one competition hands down. I am truly envious of my parents, to be receiving such a fine player. Perhaps the Mac is in need of an "oil change", i.e. upgrade at the hands of Stan Warren.
But frankly, this EAD, with the easy-to-use remote, is hard to beat.
In summation, the EAD CD 1000 III is dignified in appearance, very simple to use, and sounds wonderful.
The biggest plus is that it uses the Pioneer transport mechanism that many regard as the finest available. And after looking at many, many reviews, it seems that transport failure is the most common complaint associated with other manufacturers. And don't worry about EAD support, as they are still around under a new name producing high end DVD players using experience gained from their whirl in the CD player market. If money had been no object, would I have bought a more expensive player? Perhaps, but with a heavy shadow of doubt. After all, why throw good money out the window looking for the silver cup, when you have already received the blessing.

Associated gear
Nobis Cantabile Amplifier, Superphon preamp, Kirksaeter Monitors (modified)

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