Review: Dynaudio Audience 50 Monitor

Category: Speakers

Great Speaks. They do everything well. Including Bass. Bass is fairly deep, fast, but mostly extended. Highs can be a little harsh, but my SS equipment is mostly to blame for that. I've heard them with other gear and they sounded much different. I think a tube cdp would go a long way. If your listening in a small room, you don't need gobs of power, but it does help with the bass. Especially in Electronica. They could go deeper, but they're monitors, what do you expect? The treble can be VERY smooth and refined, but once again, you have to have good equipment for these to shine. The other speakers were not as well-rounded. Match these speaks with some HIGH-QUALITY (read $$$) equip and you won't be disappointed.

Associated gear
Krell 300i, cheap JVC carousel, JPS labs speaker cable and oxygen-free copper interconnects

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Very nice review. I agree with your assessment of Dyn speakers. The Krell 300i is a good choice for the Dyn; they NEED power. Your system can use a new, smoother CDP if you have the funds. Sony CDP doesn't match up well with Krell, try Rotel, Rega, or Philips.