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I recently reconfigured my audio system. As a result, I was in need of a six foot long power cord for my Theta Carmen transport which I use for playing cds. I was using a Cardas Golden power cord which is now, not long enough for my transport.
I came across a power cord designed specifically for digital products on Audiogon. I had never used a type specific power cord for digital. I bought the cable with the option of returning it if I did not like it.
The cable was a model named Spirit, from a company named Dynamic Design.
When I first connected the cable, the first thing that hit me was how smooth and refined the cable sounded. I was impressed, as my NHT 3.3 speakers have always been somewhat on the bright side. A week later after the cable had settled in I e-mailed Dynamic Design and advised that I was using the cable on a transport, and that I would be keeping it.
I received a reply back from Mr. Olufemi Sonuga, chief designer at Dynamic Design advising me that I would get the most digital benefit with the Spirit cable on the dac. I did that, as I have two other digital sources, a Direct tv receiver which I use only for music and and a Pioneer multi cd player. I can say this, Mr. Sonuga knows what he speaks of as my other two digital sources have never sounded better. I am now trying to secure a second Spirit power cable for my transport.
I have had the Spirit cable in my system for over a month now. My musical taste leans toward smooth jazz. The cds I prefer for testing is Grover Washington Jr's Prime Cuts, and Blue Note's Best Album in the World, ever. The most important thing in sound for me is the smoothness of the brass instruments and the worse thing is when you find yourself turning down the volumn.
What I like about this cable is how it performs in the digital domain, the quality of construction right down to the heat shrink tubing. Also, even though it is not a light cable probably due to its various layers of shielding, it is quite flexible.
The bottom line for me is this, listening to music is more enjoyable than ever. Anybody in the market for a power cord for your dac, transport or any other digital component in your system, give the Spirit a try. If any of you Audiogoners happen to contact Dynamic Design and happen to deal with Mr. Olufemi Sonuga, you will be hard pressed to find a nicer person. Speaking from personal experience, he will take care of you.

Associated gear
Threshold T2 preamp
Theta Gen IV dac
Theta Carmen cd/dvd transport
Threshold SA10e mono amps
NHT 3.3 speakers

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Interesting. I've listened to this cable too, along with its sibling "The Lotus". However, I did not experience any "smoothing effect" when used together, especially with brass instruments. In fact, I don't see how or why brass instruments should be "smoothed", unless you are looking for color, but that is just my opinion. I'm not implying that the cable is colored, because it is not. Atleast not when it was in my system.
Hi Trigg, my NHT 3.3's have been my choice of speaker for the last two decades. They were also the choice of reference for Mr. Corey Greenberg of Audiophile fame. The 3.3's are some of the hardest speakers to set up. When set up properly, they image incredibly.
The word I keep hearing in audio circles describing the 3.3's is "bright". In part due to the aluminum dome tweeters. How brass instruments sound, has always been my personal benchmark for level of brightness to my ears. When I heard what the Dynamic Design Spirit did to the sound of brass instruments in my system, I could only describe it as "smooth". My review of the Spirit is not meant to imply how it will sound in other systems. I can only review how it sounds in mine.