Review: dolan dolan PM Preamplifier

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Attached are the specifications for the Dolan PM1, I hope it is large enough for the reader to make out the information.
This is a great preamp. It sounds great and one of the most flexible for phonograph cartridges. I have used it with four different cartridges from LOMC to moving magnet and moving iron. It was very east to adjust for the needs and specifications of each cartridge and it was able to make them sound at their best in each case.
Since I don't think there is a manual available out there for this preamp, I thought the specifications would be of interest to the readers.

Associated gear
Conrad Johnson MV60
Linn LP12, ittok arm, Denon DL301MkII, Denon DL103R, Grace F9E, Nagaoka MP500
Ear Acute III CD player
Yamaha T85 tuner
Vandersteen 2CE signature anniversary speakers
I recently got rid of my Audio Research LS15 & PH3 pre/phono preamps and pulled ol' faithful, my Dolan PM1, out of the closet to put her into use. Tellyawhat, I don't miss the Audio Research gear, at all! Actually, that's not true, the ONLY thing I miss is the remote for volume control, other than that....Without a doubt, the PM1 is one of the best purchases I ever made in this crazy hobby, what a preamp! BTW, I'm the original owner and I still have the manual!
Yes, I have to agree that it's a great preamp and I have had audio Research SP9, Conrad Johnson PV11, Classé 5, etc.
It is very quiet and transparent and well built. It's flexibility on adjusting for different phono cartridges are great and if you change cartridges like I do, it's a godsent.
Chazro, if you ever want to post the manual on line or email me a copy that would be appreciated. It's pretty straightforward but as I don't plan to ever sell this preamp it would be nice to secure a copy of the manual. I have emailed and communicated with Richard Dolan and he was always courteous and helpful. I was lucky to get one of his last versions with the detachable power cord which I upgraded and two sets of audio outputs. I use one for the poweramp and send the other to the sub-woofer.