Review: Digital Systems & Solutions TruVoice Solution Damper System Tweak

Category: Accessories

Want to share that the disc mats are a real winner. I been using the Red one on my CD system with the very wonderful sounding Marantz SA7-S1 and the Blue one on my Sony 5000 ES Blu-Ray DVD player.

So far after a week I have not found a down side except you must take a few seconds to make sure that you center or off center the mat about a touch, due to the force of my door closing when I use it with the Marantz SA7. I have compensated for this and loading is 100% perfect.

The first CD I tried was the Beatles remastered Yellow Submarine. It sounded just fine before after using your Ultra Platinum (I just received the Ultra Plus) spray; something I have used for years now, so I figured a slight change for the better or perhaps for the worse. You just never know.

I hit play selected track 3 Eleanor Rigby it took perhaps 10 seconds too say hold on here, what do we have here? Vocals just jumped out with clarity and weight, transparency, dynamics, overtones, bass definition, bass impact, all better, but most of all you just wanted to sit back, RELAX, and enjoy the music.

It sounded just "right" for a loss of better words. I then played "For Duke" M&K Gold CD, now I have owned the original LP and with you red mat, and your Ultra Platinum Plus spray, well I finally forgot about the LP version.

The horns, the sax's, have such presence that it was scary good just as this recording should be, being direct to disc after all,

Harry James Sheffield Labs 20 bit Gold Discs also had the same improvements. For the first time the CD surpassed the LP, pitch, tones, bass and definition better, I mean it just sound more "right" there is that word again. You cannot fool the ear and our mind, when it sound real we know it!

I put on a Frank Sinatra disc and it sounded so real, but now with no trouble at all you could hear the Capital studio and where they added a touch of reverb to his voice when going through different tracks on his Classics CD vol 1. Which were recorded at different times. I have never heard it this clear and so easy before, like a new-mastered recording! I sat their and just shook my head, and again that RELAXED word came into my head and I enjoyed the whole CD/recording.

Well I started grabbing my test discs that I use when trying a new piece of gear and did not even bother to use Ultra Platinum at first just to see how the mat did on its own.

Well I have to say it sounds real, real good, again I found myself just relaxing and enjoying the music. The whole presentation was coherent, imaging superb, and much more detail yet more musical.

After going through them a few times, I then added the Ultra Platinum Plus CD treatment, and sure enough things became more focused and micro details came forth a bit better, and much better in every way.

The mat has two-sides, one shinny, one more textured and both give a different presentation, this is cool because you can match which sides works the best for each CD you play thus improving your enjoyment. The shinny side gives you a more open sound stage and transparency; the textured side a bid more closed in, but in my system stronger and better-defined bass thus the feeling of more body to the music. That is my cup of tea.

However, depending on ones system, gear, and your likes, you have made it nice that one side or the other will work just fine, so you have much more flexibility.

If I were say how much of an improvement, I would have to say it was as if I changed out my CD player, speakers for a much more expensive equipment/speakers. I mean the improvement of the bass, depth and detail would have meant a new set of speakers the improvement is just that large. You have to hear it!

For once, I can say that digital can sound musically satisfying as the very best LP I have owned and all were 1st pressing the best for sonics.

I never been in the war of which format is better, I say enjoy what you enjoy as long as you enjoy the music, but I can say that digital even 16 bit does not have to take the back seat to any format.

You just need to work with it as you would with the LP, right mat, cables, and in the CD players case power cords (ac noise) and a good foundation for the gear to sit on.

On video, the picture looked more colorful, and the audio had the same improvements when using the blue mat, though the red mat worked just fine also, but the blue mat is thinner and worked perfect loading in my Sony 5000 ES Blu Ray player. I am more into audio than video but I have to say watching a DVD was more enjoyable.

The best that can be said is that this product improves the reproduction of recordings and video, the mats and CD treatments are worth every cent asked, and for the improvement a stone cold bargain that is in my experience unheard of for the money spent.

The nice thing about your Mat and Sprays they will improve any system regardless of how much or how little you have spent. I mean really improve; you do not have to sit there and talked yourself into hearing the improvement.

Did I find any down side, not really, just learn how to put the mat on to work with your particular player and once you have that down relax and enjoy. In other words, do not be afraid of using this disc with your player, with both of my players the space is very tight when the door closes and I have had no issues, if I do not place it right, I just hit open and re-sit the mat and all is fine. But once you know how to place the mat I've hit 100% with no reload issues.

This is a great product, so all who care about "sound" and wants to get 100% out of their digital system and recorded music collection these products will help you meet and exceed those goals.

Better sound 100% that is for sure