Review: DH Labs T-14 Speaker cable

Category: Cables

Changing from a single to a double (shotgun) run improved the bass response dramatically; I've had a couple of people looking for a subwoofer. Even a single run was a notable improvement over the Tara cables in every respect.

I'm sorry that I don't have much experience comparing speaker cables on my system. I chose these based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews on other web sites, and have not regretted my choice. The sound seems quite neutral, which is my preference. It appears able to tame the brightness of the Maggies.

If I had lots more money, sure, I'd upgrade, even though we all know it's a law of diminishing returns. I'd probably try the higher-end DH Labs first, though.

I listen to about 70% classical, 30% other stuff. I test a system with the Bernstein/LA Phil DG recording of West Side Story, Pinnock's DG Water Music, selected Steely Dan/Donald Fagan tracks, and the Bonnie Raitt track from Stay Awake (Disney songs). I treat all my CDs with AudioPrism StopLight and demagnetize them with a Furutech RD-1.

Associated gear
Classé CAP-151, Magnepan IIIa

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