Review: DH DH cones Tweak

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These are very small, very hard ceramic brown footers. They come 3 in a set, for $20. When I first started playing with equipment support tweaks, I got a basic stand and some of these. They are very good compared to the stock footer on my equipment, improving detail and imaging. I have noticed no real drawbacks, besides perhaps a little glare. The DH squares go hand in hand with these, further clarifying things, and help to smooth things out. This combo, however, is not as good as a rollerblock type isolator, which really opens up the sound, as well as reducing harshness and listening fatigue. An innertube is appropriate for some things, though it can have a somewhat blurred sound. Sorbothane also can sound rather blurred, in my experience. The DH cones do not have this problem, and so they are good where a roller bearing type isolator isn't physically appropriate. Overall, the cones work quite well, particularly if you're using stock footers. They aren't perfect, but they're affordable at $50 for both cones and squares per device, and are stable, nice-looking footers that really improve over stock feet in many cases. Recommended for those who aren't ridiculously tweaky, but want a better footer without the big bux.

Associated gear
Marantz CC-67
EAD DSP-1000 Dac
Acurus A 100
Bottlehead foreplay

Similar products
DH squares, roller bearings, innertube suspension
Just wanted to echo Badman's sentiment re. the DH Cones tweak. I bought the Large Cones (1" tall) for my CDP. As mentioned by Badman, they come as a trio. Cost-wise, I feel, that they are at par with many similar products available esp. the BDR cones.

I played my Harmon/Kardon CDP using its default/factory feet (sitting directly on my Lovan rack) & listened to the music. Sounded very good like I'm accustomed to. Then I put 3 cones under the CDP - one under the drive mechanizm, one under the xformer & the 3rd went in such a place so as to balance the CDP. Played the *same* tracks at the *same* volume & was stunned! What an improvement! The best way to describe it was as though the artist removed a veil from over their mouth. The sound became crisper, highs seemed to extend higher, bass tightened up. I know this sounds so cliched but, I'm sorry, this is *really* what happened! Honestly, I was not expecting this but the moment the music came on there was no shade of doubt in my mind re. the dramatic improvement. I spent the rest of the evening taking out the cones, listening & inserting the cones & listening again. So, I have really verified it in *my* system - a very worthy improvement for me & my CDP will not be without them!

Funny thing is that I got the DH Cones out of frustration - I couldn't lay my hands fast enough on a used set of BDR cones!! I managed to get the DH Cones new @ the used price of a set of BDR cones. I hindsight, I'm glad that it turned out this way!! Some events just have a strange way of happening.

I went to Consumer Electronics Show 3 years ago. After I discovered many Audio manufacturers were using Golden Sound DH Cones under their equipment, I bought several sets of Large and Super cones and DH Squares. I compared them with my precious and trusted Goldmund Cones that cost 2 to 3 times as much as Golden Sound DH Cones. Well, Golden Sound cones and Squares are still under my VK-150SE amps and VK05 CD player. All my Goldmund Cones were sold by me. If you never tweak your system with DH cones, you missed a lot of fun.