Review: DeZorel G2 AC filter

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Mini Review of DeZorel G2 Line Filter by Lak

The DeZorel (several models available) is manufactured in Yugoslavia. It appears to be a frame beam case construction with a filter module that is made of custom cast aluminum boxes called a “Brick.” The Brick houses the actual filtering components, which are epoxy resin, closed from the bottom side.


After using the DeZorel in my system for one week and a few days (I only needed to hear it for one session), I wholeheartedly recommend this product. I tried it with every possible combination within my system and regardless of where I placed it, there was improvement: blacker background, more detail, better depth of field, more dynamic bass and soundstage, and overall musicality. I also liked the thermal resettable fuse switch. Although the unit never shut down, all I would need to do is wait a minute and push the button back in.

I liked the DeZorel so much I was able to purchase a demo unit. I even heard an improvement when utilizing the G2 on top of my 240/120 Isolation Transformers that feed my dedicated sub-panel from my main panel.

Advantages I detected:
1) Extraordinary power line isolation.
2) Improvements in clarity, imaging and low-level resolution, and in some cases all resolution.
3) Suppresses digital, RF, ground loop, and switching power supply noise.
4) Significantly decreases leakage current and noise between equipment.

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Additional information can be found at:
Larry- Can you use the DeZorel IN CONJUNCTION WITH the Equi=Tech?? I ask because I have ordered a Balanced Power Tech BPT 2.5 and am wondering if there is any benefit to 'daisy chaining' it with something else like a DeZorel. Are you using these two together?
Hi Sutts,
Yes, you can daisy chain the two together. In most cases it's an improvement, in a few situations there is no improvement. This did not happen to me, but be cautious that the DeZorel (or any other device) does not limit (choke) the music or component.
Another avenue to consider (that I did not discuses in my review to keep things simple) was filtering power with the DeZorel first and then plug the Balanced Power Tech BPT 2.5 into the DeZorel, assuming your not drawing more power than 2.2 KVA.
I would love to purchase individual bricks and run each of my dedicated circuits through a brick at the sub-panel level for filtration purposes.
Lak- yup- that was the idea. I currently have a Tice Powerblock IIIC HP. When the BPT 2.5 gets here, I was going to try plugging it into the Tice, then Tice to wall ans see what happens. With the Dezorel, it would be the same thing. What is the price on the Dezorel, and where did you get it?
The DeZorel might (?) be better than the Tice Powerblock, I don't know, I never owned a Tice PowerBlock. I know the TPB does something different than the DeZorel. The DeZorel only filters whatever power goes to it.
Try the TPB and see how well it works, it might be fine!
I purchased mine at:
Prices are listed at that site.
You have to be REALLY careful when trying to "daisy chain" various types of filters. It is possible to "de-tune" the filter action that each unit was designed to perform with. This is due to inter-action between the two units and the various impedances that they present to the AC. This can change hinge frequencies, slope rates, etc... and basically give you something that is nothing like what one thinks they are getting. Instead of getting the best of both worlds, you end up with one world that is a mess.

As a side note, the DeZorel looks to be some type of low pass filter with a stepped rate of attenuation. I am basing this on the information provided by them on their website or a website of someone that sells their products. Going by that, i would say that it has the potential to limit current and that is why they've included a breaker of some type. Otherwise, if you tried to pull too much current, it would damage the filter circuit itself. That is exactly what the breaker is meant to stop. The least that i would expect in such a situation is that distortion byproducts would be introduced into the AC as the saturation point of the internal components are neared. Obviously, this isn't good either. As such, until i can find out something different from what i've already been shown, i would recommend using the same precaution that i've said to use with all other AC filtration devices. That is, limit the total current draw to somewhere between 60% - 70% of the what the unit is rated for and you should be plenty safe.

I don't see a problem with using these in the manner that Lak is i.e. with an iso transformer at the breaker box and the filter placed near the components. While the isolation transformer already has "low pass circuitry" built into it, this design may actually help reduce noise even further. Side effects shouldn't be a big deal since the DeZorel doesn't seem to start filtering until appr 5 KHz and above, which is far enough above the AC fundamental to not really get in the way. Just make sure that what you hook up doesn't pull too hard on either the DeZorel or the Iso transformer.

As to Sutts question, i don't think that i would try hooking the newer Tice Power Block units in series with a DeZorel. My thoughts are that these units would inter-act with each other and probably do so in a negative way. You can always try it and see what you get, but my guess is, the results may not be what you want. Sean
Lak I really like what you have to say so well. I am afraid to think that the black you are hearing is the actual by-product of the squelching of the so necessary dynamic structure of the music we hope to preserve. I myself, have never encountered a so-called AC enhancement device that lived up to its hype in my home environment. Tom
Thanks for the info Larry.

Sean- some good thoughts. Unfortunately, living in a relatively new condo, I can't do anything about the breaker box and have to deal with the crappy power from the wall.

Furthermore, if you can believe this, the electrician who wired this unit actually put the microwave and kitchen outlets on the SAME 15A breaker as the entire living room!

I frequently trip the breaker just by having the tube amps on and then turning on the microwave out in the kitchen- brutal huh? Not sure if anything can be done about this as we can't rip through the walls of this condo, but it's kind of a drag...
I've been using a DeZorel demo unit for one month. I love how it works! It is capable of feeding my entire system with no restrictions.