Review: Densen DeMagic Tweak

Category: Accessories

A couple years ago I bought this cd for "cleaning" residual magnetism from my system. Used it occasionally, never thought I heard any difference.

I have sometimes encountered (especially noticable with headphones) a hum, like a ground loop, and sort of fixed it by messing around with cables and grounding. The hum would be obvious with no music playing, not with music. It happened again last night and today (I had just recently changed one interconnect and the EL34 tubes in the Quicksilver).

On a lark, I put the Densen disc in the Rega and ran it through the 3 minute cycle at low volume. I put the headphones back on with no music playing and---DEAD QUIET!
IT WORKED! The hum was completely gone! A quiet, "black" background, a real accomplishment with tube electronics and ES headphones. Attack and dynamics seem greatly improved. Everything very "alive".

Highly recommended if still available!!!

Associated gear
Rega Apollo, Sonic Frontiers SFL-1, Quicksilver GLA, Stax or Signet ES headphones

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I have used the Densen disc as well as the 'Ayre Irrational, But Efficacious!' disc with material results for years. I really could not be without these very effective tweeks!!