Review: Denon DVD 3300 Video

Category: Home Theater

Musical taste: I like R&B , classical , Jazz
Recordings used:
Jauque Loussier Back to bach
Ultra Disc 2 of Back in the HIgh lIfe ( steve winwood )
Ultra Disc 2 of U2 the joshua tree
Ultra Disc 2 of Toto IV
Ultra Disc 2 Alan Parsons Test disc
DCC of Elton John's greatest hits

Fidelity, and natural sound and cost are important aspects to me.

the thing I Hate most in a system is distrotion !!

I Have had the player for 3 months, replaced an 800.00 Toshiba DVD player 2nd gen. Compared to friends DVD players and CD players, and it is distinctively better in all areas. All of my CD's sounded cleaner and had more presence. The DAC's in the player were a little better then the ones in the receiver, as far as warmth and fidelity.

Strengths: is sounds awesome and a cheap price !!

Weakness: is it can't play CDR's.

Got the player for 300.00 NEW and a second one for 350.00 Open Box. Highly recommended for some one looking for an awesome CD player with 2-3000.00 sound quality for only 300-400.00.

If money was no object I would still own this player.

Associated gear
Denon AVR 3600 w/DTS
SONY HD60HS 60 " TV 4:3 HDTV Ready 1080i
Infinity Reference 2*rs5 2*rs4 1*cc3
Yamaha YSW300 subwoofer
Pioneer mld-604 Laser Disc player
Sony Direct auto track Record Player

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