Review: Denon DCM-370 CD Player

Category: Digital

The DCM 370 was purchased to hold me over until a more expensive player could be purchased. The problem arose that the more expensive players added very little benefit so the Denon player has been in use for three years now.

The DCM 370 appears to resolve the majority of information from all the discs that I play, ranging from XRCD classical recordings to lousy garge recorded local punk. Imaging is up to par with all other player that I have tested and the mids and highs are all there. Bass is lacking compared to some but my R1s may also be the culprit.

When SACD or DVD-audio become standard and Linn releases an affordable version I will replace the Denon DCM 370. Until than I am very happy with the unit.

Associated gear
Linn Kolektor, Linn LK140, Tannoy R1

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Have to agree plus this unit has HDCD. To do better sonically and get HDCD,you will have to spend $800.00 or more. Have been very happy with mine. Has been very reliable and never get tired of listening to it. At its price point,if you can do better get it. Price/performance ratio Denon hit a home run with this one. Also has the burr brown chip on board.
I like the color of the sound, but lacks the depth of sound. NAD 5100 monitor audio bettered in the depth aspect which is vital for classical music. Also didn't sound liquid and smooth - sounds like a cheap player tuned right.