Review: Denon 3910 APL solid state mod CD Player

Category: Digital

I have listened to just about every universal player available (Denon, Marantz, Sony, Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha, McCormack). All were disappointing to me on redbox CD. I had heard that the Esoteric was pretty good on CD’s, but at $5000 it was quite a bit more than what I could afford.

I was on the verge of giving up on a universal player when a friend told me about Alex Peychev at APL HiFi.

So, I purchased a Denon 3910 modded by Alex. I opted for the solid state mods. It was a much more affordable option for me than the full tube output mod. The addition of this player to my system has provided step change improvement. I primarily use it for CD, and the improvement I have noticed is incredible. Acoustic instruments are much more natural and full. Piano is rock solid, no longer thin sounding. Voices are more natural and real. The bass is a quantum improvement, I have never heard bass this good out of my (or anyone else’s) Martin Logans. Tonality and presentation is outstanding. I can say without question that I have never heard a CD player sound this good. I no longer have to crank up the volume to hear the detail in my music. The listening fatigue I used to experience is gone. Needless to say SACD and DVD audio are outstanding. It is a very good DVD player as well.

I am very happy with this purchase. Alex’s service and follow up were exemplary, and the price was a bargain for the quality of his work.

Associated gear
Bryston BPS 25
Bryston 4BSST
Martin Logan Ascents
I also purchased my APL Denon 3910 3 months ago and as I previously stated this is one of the best CD players on the market (in the same league as Zanden IMHO :-). My APL Denon is tubed (my amplification is tubed as well) and allowed me to remove pre-amp from the "chain".

Associated gear:
VAC Renaissance 70/70
Martin Logan CSL speakers (original CLS)
Martin Logan Depth subwoofers (2)
Im going to order one in a few months,should be a great addition to my new Supratek pre.cant wait!