Review: dcca passion master Power cord

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what can i say but WOW WOW...what a power chord!i really enjoy listening to rock and as it just so happened today i recieved the cable and a john lennon 40th anniversary record box set, the cable came in a box big enough to fit a small car into,as i had fun fitting the massive 6"wide cable behind my gear i had to stop and measure it, it looks 10" wide. as soon as i turned it on i noticed a huge difference in soundstage and clarity, i could not believe it so i called don at DCCA cable and i ordered a subwoofer cable and cables for my speakers...he told me the cable needs time to break-in still,i cant imagine it getting even better. by the way i hooked it up to the preamp and it replaced a $375.00 power cord i bought new a couple of months ago...thank you and happy new year

Associated gear
audio horizons preamp, fosgate phono preamp,rega p3 tt w/hadcock tonearm, shelter 901, red dragon 500 watt mono amps(yes digital but they do sound awsome),and magnepan 3.6 speakers..

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What about noise rejection with these cables? I'm considering the 3" option for my amps.