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my original amp was an old a/b parasound ht3500 350 wpc (it served me well and long)but it's on it's last legs. time to buy a new or used amp on AGON but money is alittle tight so i started reading about D/amps...almost everyone had high praise for them, OK what do i do buy new or used and what brand do i pickout, so i readup in the agon chat rooms for three days hoping to narrow down my choices(wyred4sound,spectrum audio,bel canto,ect...)i kept comming across threads about a small company called D-SONIC,so went to their web site(,i was not impressed with the layout of the web site at all. but that is not important to me,first thing i noticed was the cost,i can get a new one for the price of a used amp but what about the sound so i called them and the owner of the company(dennis deacon) answered the phone and we talked for about 1/2 hour about d/amps.i bought the m2-1000s right then, i wanted the mono blocs but that will have to wait. when it arrived 4 days latter i hooked it up and MAN what a sound the bass had punch i never heard, i read it takes upto 800hours to break-in if that is true i cant wait. i listen to classic rock records,and i can really crank up the volume now.the soundstage sounds alittle differnt not as wide but the amp is new and the price is right, you cant go wrong with this amp...thank you dennis A/B is dead long live D...........,,,,

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audio horizons 2.1 preamp,rega p3 TT with hadcock 242 arm and shelter901 needle,magnepan 3.6,with tara lab and clear day speaker wires

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i have not heard any d amps
Power consumption during idle should be low so leave the amps on when not using to help with break in.

I leave my IcePower based amps on most of the time except if I will be away more than overnight.

Nice to heat something about these amps. I suspect they should do quite well, especially with SS pre-amps.
thnx mapman i will try that
how long do u think breakin will take?
"how long do u think breakin will take?"

Do not know for certain (my amps are different make and acquired used) but suspect it will take a while. Patience is probably a good idea.

My only caveat with those amps for prospective buyers would be that I recall they have stock icepower input impedance (10K ohms)and may not be the best match for tube pre-amps in general. Other than that, for use with less efficient speakers that can benefit from the high power, they appear to be one of the better values out there.
The current M2 series mono and stereo amps from D-Sonic no longer use the B&O Ice Amps. Had a long conversation today with Dennis Deacon. He explained the new Class D amps he uses are the SOA Class D core amplifiers, and stated they have the most advanced topology that Class D has to offer currently and will out perform amps from Hypex, B&O and Spectron. His higher powered amps all have an input impedance of 60K ohms. His retail prices are unbelievable
for the quality of construction and performance you get. Very sharp looking gear.