Review: Cromolin CVC amping System

I acquired this damping system at an auction here in Audiogon for around $50.00. The system is comprised of four metal pieces around six inches in lenghth. These metal strips are then placed on the inside of the top case of the equipment. The area where the CVC is to be placed, is divided into thirds, both leghthwise and widthwise. A strip of CVC is placed at the two intersections of each third.

According to instructions and white paper included, the CVC will stop vibrations by converting kinetic energy into heat (very low heat).

I decided to test the system on both, my CD transport and the DAC. I own a Kinergetics Platinum transport, that uses the Philips transport system, and an MSB Gold Link DAC, modified with Black Gate caps, and other mods.

After the installation of the CVC I listened to a series of reference CDs that I use for testing equipment. The results were quite astonishing. Although the improvment is not huge, it is noticeable. The areas of improvement are: pace, clarity in the mids and highs, firmer bass, and imaging.

This is one of those things that makes me hate to admit that they work, but when you read the white paper you find there is hard science behind ths system and not voodoo magic.

By the way, I liked it so much that I ordered a second system.

Highly recommended.
Forgot to mention this: I placed one strip of CVC over the top of the pressure plate on the Philips transport mechanism of my Kinergetics CD transport (this is the arm that presses the CD againste the spindle). The results were just incredible. I got more detail and imaging than with the two CVC strips placed on the inside cover of the transport. I guess the reason is that this is a place where there is a lot of mechanical vibration coming from the spinning disc, and the CVC quiets it down.