Review: Crimson R.M. Audio Cable R.M. Music-Link Speaker cable

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Hi Guys, I merely felt the need to share what I'd consider one of the most overlooked brand of cables I've heard to date. I've seen mention of them here or there which sparked an interest of them on my part. And after reading between the lines I'm happy to report I'm glad I pursued them. Anyways as I was audition three other brands of speaker cables namely pairs of Nordost Heimdall along with CRL ( Cable Research Labs ) Copper Series as well Siltech Cables newer Explorer Series when these cables arrived several weeks ago. As it normal for me to use 2-3 short tracks to allow me to remember certain passages or notes within said songs as a means of dissecting what's actually going on in said song without losing focus. Here are my findings, as many of you should know cables/cords are always viewed upon as being one of those topics some look upon as subjective/objective in that some say that neither makes an improvement to ones system. I'm of the belief that the cabling loom should be viewed as a component as well - as it's vital in voicing ones system in a wholistic manner that will either make or break its overall texture - tonality and involvement while enhancing ones listening experience - so here's what I heard. While the other three speaker cables retailed between $1.300 - $2.700 for a 10' pair the Crimson RM's come in at $536/10' pair and in all honesty aren't the sort of cable I'd call nice looking as I've seen them referred to as rather DIY in appearance. Well I wasn't impressed with their looks as well, but it took me all of two minutes to hear something I hadn't heard before - they merely presented the music in a more dynamic, cleaner manner that had a correctness about them that I found spooky to say the least. They've a greater sense of just allowing the notes to be heard as unaltered as anything I've come across to date. Their emphasis seems to be on getting the pitch definition and timing down without smearing the notes themselves. The noise flood is about the lowest of the other cables during this auditioning period, and merely made the other cables sound like there was a slight haze around them at the very top end and thoughtout the mids that had gone unnoticed until they were swapped out. It's amazing that many of us thing we understand the sonics of cables until we've heard something that makes them seem slower - more colored - less musical overall. It merely comes down to texture - tone and timing that makes these cables stand out as far as I'm concerned. I'm aware that this post appears that I'm getting side tracked on just how to say what these cables - sound!, and it's because in some ways I am, as I've just had to admit to myself that I had to re-learn how to listen into the finer points of music reproduction as it was meant to be heard in its truest form goosebumps and all. As I had been seriously considering purchasing the Siltech Explorer Series as I'm quite fond of Solid Core cables in general as I feel they produce a purity that stranded cables are lacking as far as having more refined, delicate yet more realistic high without adding a sense of coloration that I now know is an artifact that most cables use to enhance presence or sparkle to make one feel as if they're hearing more detail and/or resolution - but in truth after hearing just what is added it becomes all to clear to the end user - it's another form of noise/coloration that has taken ones music to the extreme. Yet once we allow ourselves to admit - we sometimes like our music with a little added method of say tone controlling - then it's upon hearing something that tells it like it is that we come to realize what has been missing all along - a sense of correctness and timing that makes ones listening session one that has you rediscovering your music collection anew in a manner that much of what you felt you knew about your collection was false. All I can say or attempt to say that is - is that these cables have a greater sense of bending notes in a manner I haven't heard since the original Naim Audio Nait 2's of old that merely played tunes in a manner that would put some of the more costly separates of the time to shame. As some may recall!, Nait's where underpowered for their day, but taking into consideration that the norm for many SET based amp owners of today where 1.5 - 9 w/pc is a blessing - then you'll know what I'm getting at!, in the same manner I recall those Nait's having the ability to separate notes - and offering up more of what I call the wow/fun factors is much like these cables - they as simply as I can put it have a sound that's truer to the source. They bring out the emotional involvement in the recordings, they allow you to hear more into complex passages without straining to do so unlike so many other brands that may sound pleasant on first hearing but for some reason at a later date the listener finds themselves listening less to their music and become detracted by other means of entertainment like reading a book or watching videos. It's merely because you're being moved by the sonics of your system anymore - as all to often many of us are to busy listening to our electronics and not to what's the most important about our shared hobby - Music itself. This is why I feel so many are constantly selling off this or that component every other month or so, because they merely lack the insight in how to go about voicing their systems to suit their taste/preferences and or more often then not taking the advise from someone whom has gone through about 5-8 different systems/set-ups per year. Have you ever wondered why?, because they're to busy listening to the hardware and have forgotten how to simply listen to MUSIC!. These cables allow you to become reconnected with the very fiber of those under layered nuances that require the use of cables that aren't altering it sound in any manner. It merely comes down to trusting in ones own ears/heart that matters most in building any given system that allows you to focus more on buying more software as opposed to hardware - if you were to think about that for a moment - you'll begin to understand both my truth and biases when it comes to discovering something that allows you to get off the bandwagon ( chasing components ) for good and getting out to those records stores or on-line and buying as much music as your budget allows?. It merely comes down to what I've found to be one of the best kept/overlooked secrets out there..................., these cables have something that I've found quite rare going for them - they allow you to hear into the Notes as honestly as possible and I mean honest in a good way. Please seek out your nearest dealer and by all means demo these freakin' cables and be prepared to rethink the possibilities. And if you don't - then you've to ask yourself one thing - what if?.

Associated gear
Audiomat Arpege Reference 10 ( EL34 Based ) along with Sonneteer Campion ( SS based ) Integrated Amps driving DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3's.

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I agree, these cables are a emotional experience rather than a listening experience.

They reproduce the artist as close to the recording studio production as possible.

They really are amazing cables that puts you in the recording studio with the artist !..
I have not heard the Crimson speaker cables but am considering checking them out.
I do own a pair of balanced ICs that I like very much.
My question, do you have any idea what these cables consist of as far as wire, insulation etc? Just curious although I guess it doesn't matter much compared to how they "sound". They certainly don't look like much, at least the appearance doesn't impress.
Rja , the wires inside these cables are made of solid-core HIGHLY PURE copper. "Never judge a book by it's cover", these Crimson cables are World-Class and they are.. very very hard to beat AT any price !....

These cables do take a LONG TIME to break-in really GOOD, between 45 to 60 days, playing music 24/7.
I use the Crimson ICs in my system -- they are world class, far better than other ICs I have owned (Purist, Gabriel Gold, Tara Labs) and demo'd (Cardas, LessLoss, a few others I can't remember anymore.). That said, I found Clear Day Double Shotguns significantly outperformed the Crimson speaker cables. Overall, both sound pretty similar from the mid-range on up, but the Clear Days have much better bass (quantity and quality). The Clear Days are worth trying if you like Crimson ICs and SCs.