Review: Creek 4140 mkII Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I listen to Classical music thru the internet, and play cd's on a 5 disc sony player. The most important aspect of sound for me is Clarity!
I purchased this integrated amp used to replace a Onkyo TX8211 stereo receiver. The Onkyo was a good basic receiver, but switching to seperate componets was like night and day. The Clarity, crispness, and fullness of sound was Outstanding! This unit is rated at only 40wpc, but it outperforms anything on the market for power, and performance. The imageing on this unit is what sold me.
This unit is similar to the Cambridge Audio integrated amp, in which creek makes the internal componets for. (it is also less expense.)
For anyone starting out into stereo componets, this unit purchase used, is an excellent bargin to began the wonderful journey to musical excellence.

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