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February 2013 issue

Today i will be reviewing the create audio luxury version nano fuse installed in an arcam 8r integrated amp. The create audio luxury version nano fuse sells for under $10 at the vintage audio lab ebay store. It comes packaged in a little plastic one and a half inch square container with a foam insert.

I installed the fuse in the arcam amp and let it burn in for several weeks. After listening to a variety of cd's i felt that the improvements were a little more than subtle.
The great thing about the create audio fuse is that it makes small improvements in almost all areas that have audiophile significance. When you quantify the results you have a little $10 fuse that seemingly transforms your amplifier into a wonderful music making machine. I would consider this tweak to be the equivalent of spending $300 to have your amp modified. This is very significant because most tweaks , or even audiophile cables , for that matter, do not offer such a multitude of improvements across the board. I would like to describe some of the improvements i heard while listening to a few reference cd's that i was very familiar with.

One of my favorite jazz artist's is andrew hill. The cd i listened to is titled, "point of departure", and i chose track number five, "dedication". I noticed better separation on this particular track. The horns have better density and harmonic range, as well as being more 3 dimensional and improved liquidity was also noted. The piano notes are fuller with better decay. You can almost feel the physical presence of the whole piano. There also seems to be more detail apparent with a better sense of presence to the music.

I listened to the opening track of the traffic cd titled "the low spark of high heeled boys", and noticed a cleaner and clearer sound with an expanded sound stage. Steve Winwood's vocals seem to be a little bit purer and stronger sounding. There is more transparency to the sound and the instruments seemed to be more weighty sounding. The vocals seem to be slightly more neutral sounding and the overall sound appeared to be a tad more stable.

The last cd i listened to was an excellent recording on the mapleshade label from Thurman Green titled, "dance of the night creatures. On track number four, the width and depth of the recording seems to be noticeably improved, as well as portraying more of a "hall sound". The horns have more density and the harmonic range is also improved. Overall, the sound is just fuller and more musical. The upright bass is better defined and stronger. The music sounds more linear and even, with improved soundstage coherence.


cleaner and clearer sound
less noise
improved separation
more apparent detail
sharper and better focus
stronger and more defined bass
improved instrument density
more spacious sound stage
less harshness
smoother sound
sweeter sound
improved presence
weightier sound
more "hall sound"
purer vocals
improved rhythm ,timing, and fluidity
more texture
improved bass coupling
improved vocal neutrality
stronger mid range
improved stability
better transparency
airier sound
more 3 dimensional


Might be difficult to install unless you have small fingers

The create audio luxury version nano fuse has got to be the best $10 tweak on the face of the planet. If offers improvements across the board, that you simply can not get from any other tweak. I highly recommend that you try out this wonderful audiophile fuse and see what it is capable of doing with your amplifier.

Associated gear
Arcam 8r integrated amp
tara labs prism pc
sony playstation PP1
madisound vifa studio speakers
white lightning moonshine speaker cable
virtue audio nirvana interconnect
atacama stands

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